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  1. well my brother just had knee surgery and was prescribed oxycodone. he said if he has any left over he'd let me try some. what should i expect? i've never done pain killers before. and would only 1 pill give me a good experience?
  2. I take 5. one aint going to do shit:wave:
  3. What mg are they?
  4. i mean you will feel it if you only take one pill, but if you're trying to get fucked up...take more than one. i'd say between 2 and five depending on how big you are and how much you want to feel it. i popped one the other night, smoked a blunt and drank a few beers and was feeling great!@
  5. i have to tell you that drinking while on pills is generally a VERY BAD idea. just stupid man. and as for dosage the smartest thing to do is take one, wait an hour and then take another one depending on how you feel. dont drink or mix it with any other pills or drugs except weed.
  6. althought it is a BAD idea (health issues, brain cell loss, blah blah) it does make you feel VERY good


    BUT, if you've never done oxy before deffinitly don't drink on them.
  7. yeah it's not a good idea, but pills while drinking is fun as hellll. We used to have a lot of fun with crushed vicodin pills and bottles of liquor back in the day :p

  8. i'm with thisisnotreal, it is a great feeling.
  9. dude drinking on pills is the best. Just don't be an idiot and do too much.
  10. Pop a handful of those, you'll feel pretty good. Make sure your not on an empty stomach, you'll get much sicker if you are. The nausea isnt a problem for everybody though, im one of the only people i know who throws up almost every time.
    The feeling is just a grrreat body high, waves of warmth and pleasure, its pretty sweet and mentally (until higher doses) your still pretty sharp, ive done it in school a dozen times.
  11. well since you only got one that sorta sucks but to make the best out of it just pop it and smoke a bowl or two and you'll feel good. I dunno if you'll feel anything from the percocet (oxycodone) because you only have one but just pop it and you'll probubly feel pretty good
  12. i crushed one tablet into powder and dissolved it in a shot of vodka... definitely worked for me.:D
  13. the best feeling ever, and you will always want it again.
  14. yea one prolly wont do much besides jus make u really chill, i took 4 one time at my old job and i was just soaking into my seat and was fucked up, i ussually take hydrocodone so im not usre if it is the same, i think i might have liked the oxy better then the hydro though
  15. dude drinking/pill hangovers kill.

    im really fond of taking pills and activating them with smoke, like i am right now.
  16. what mgs are the pills?
  17. Drinkin on pills is great!!!!!!! 5 vicodon chased w/ a shot of vodka hell ya?!

    neway u wont feel much off 1 .. take like 5 of dem bad boys!

    methods: snort or parashoot! along w/ some beer / vodka or bluntage!

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