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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by HighVibes, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. im getting two 5 mg (the round, white, 512 pills) oxycodone pills tomorrow. how much would i need to snort to get a good high goin? by the way, ive never done oxycodone b4, so i have no tolerance.
  2. dont snort them, just swallow whole 2 of them at first, but if you wanna get fucked up then take 4. if you just wanna feel a little buzz then take 1. be safe
  3. Just pop them.
  4. well, i heard snorting em is more intense, therefore i could get high more than just once. cuz i kinda wanna make these last a few times. my friend said he snorted half of one(which would be like 2.5 mg), and he said it gave him a nice buzz. sooo idk. i was just wonderin how many times i get high off two, 5 mg pills (by snorting). mind u i have no tolerance, and i only have two.
  5. Don't snort. It's 500mg of tylenol, and only 5mg of vicoden. Snorting tylenol is terrible for you.
  6. it's not cotin so snorting it won't do you any better. Crushing it period wont do you any better, since it's not cotin(which has a slow release).

    Just pop them
  7. Pop both (my freinds taking them in there script dosage claim they have felt lighter on them, but i've never felt anything at that low).

    If you pop one and feel nothing, then you will be bummed, because the 2nd one will presumably do the same (nothing). Also 10mg on no tollerance (for me) did nothing and i weigh 125...
  8. Eat both, if you've never done it you should do enough to really feel it your first time. And as others said, don't snort them unless you perform a Cold Water Extraction, Tylenol will fuck up your nasal passages.
  9. I have snorted these types, and, although uncomfortable, it does work. But to be honest, it's not really worth it at those dosages. I'd crush them up into a fine powder, and just swallow that on an empty stomach. It helps to crush it up instead of just taking it whole because it makes the comeup faster.

    BTW, I highly doubt your friend felt anything from snorting half a pill. Most likely a placebo effect.
  10. Definitely don't snort 'em. Most of it is filler and acetaminophen, neither of which feel nice going up your nose. And chances are you won't feel anything from that. Crush them or chew them then swallow. 10 mg isn't much, but you might feel somethin' from it.
  11. You could always plug one, and take 3 orally.

    To plug is to stick the pill in your butt. Sounds gross yes, but is it gross? Yes. But it'll hit you hard and fast.

  12. I've never heard of this being used for oxy. I know that when you're plugging X, you need to shove it incredibly deep. Like maybe the length of your entire index finger. And, to be honest, that's a one way street down there for me at least.
  13. I don't care what everyone else says, I like snorting my codone, you're sure as hell not going to be able to make two pills last a few times though.

    People who say that it's not worth it to snort it, probably haven't done it, or didn't like the way it tasted when it was going down through their sinuses. Therefor, they never got to experience the difference when you snort it compared to when you swallow it.

    I've done alot of it both ways, and snorting is definitely my favorite. So just try it out bud, smash one up, make into about 4-8 lines, depending on how confident you are, and take em down. When you're done, tip your head back, and drop a bit of water into your nostrils and breath in. Thus causing all the extra powder to suck down into your sinuses.
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