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  1. well, I just snorted 2 50mg tabs of oxycodone and now I really dont know what to do. This was my first time and I have no way how oxycodone works so I dont know if I should just wait a while, or if I should do more or what. Do they usually take a while to work because Im feeling perfectly normal right now. Im going to a party in about 2-3 hours so will I be straight to drink then?
  2. how many more do you have? your always straight to drink!
  3. haha I have 28 left! My sister had her full prescription filled and just decided to stop taking them because she's feeling fine now so I got the full bottle minus the 2 I just did. Im just starting to feel a little light headed now and I want to do more but overdose is a total buzz kill for me.
  4. yeah that would be a buzzkill. either dont pop anymore and get really wasted tonight, or pop another and smoke another and feel awesome all night! either way you avoid a buzzkill. HEADACHE REMEDY
  5. oxys dont come in 50mg, thats a hefty dose if you have no tolerance.
  6. they come in 10, 20, 50, 80mg
  7. You snorted 100mg your very first time using oxycodone? Smart.
  8. chew and swallow them moron........
  9. They are instant release. Don't do more.

    Does anybody know the half life of these?
  10. all i know is, you might die tonight if u have never done oxys before.
  11. 4 1/2ish hours?
  12. wow thats alot for a first timer man. Usually people are straight with 20 mgs
  13. Wow 100mg? There is a good chance of you dieing or you may already be dead. Educate your self man, you just railed around 5 times of a dose.
  14. im almost about to call bs...thats a strong dose for even a person with a tolerance
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    Indeed, but if he really was dumb enough to do it, I have 3 words for him.....rest in peace!
  16. and no they come in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 not 50

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