Oxycodone and dosage

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  1. Well, i need an estimate on dosage... im 5'7 125 pounds ( i know, im pretty thin lol ) and ive never fucked with oxycodone before. A friend of mine got them after his surgery and gave me a couple, They are white pills that say 512 on one side and the other side is blank. The bottle said Oxycodone/apap 5-325.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  2. personally i'd say take 2. but if you're scared (i also forgot you're fairly small) start with one and then take another in a bit. BUT, I really dont think 10mg of oxy is too much for anyone, either way, you'll feel good.
  3. ok sweet, thanks for the help man.
  4. 1 will get you fucked up, 2 will get you more fucked up.
  5. lol ---> all i have to say to that
  6. I'd start with 2, 5mg is like nothing.
  7. Those are percocets. i have a bottle right now and i love them. Just the other night after a night of smokin i ate three of them and was feeling amazing. im 145 lbs by the way.
  8. lol nice man, im gonna be smoking a blunt to my face during this too so hopefully ill be feeling niccceeeee. thanks for the help guys
  9. Very good news. i was gonna recommend that you smoke some good herb with it. IMO it makes both highs feel ten times better.
  10. Don't get addicted..please.. for your sake, and for everyone around you.
  11. ill try not too man lol i've been around ( tried vicodin, adderall, and a few others) i tend not to have an addicting personality so im just not worried about it, even though i know its possible.
  12. I rarely takes pills and i can say this i took half of a roxie andi had a nice high and then i ate another half and i was fucked up and they were 30 mil ,i know they arent oxys but their similiar i would be careful,wait a while before you pop alot i weigh 150:smoke:

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