Oxycodone + Alchohol?

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    Hey GC, tommorow night i gotta attend a semiformal with a friend and some girls. If they smell alchohol or drugs(weed and cigs basically(strict school)) on you your out so i plan on taking 25mg of oxycodone becasue well its untraceable to those idiots. Only problem is i plan on taking them at about 5 pm and then theres an after party at about 11pm. Ive taken medication and alchohol together before by accident and it was not pretty. Constant puking leading to passing out and a mean hangover for the next 2 days. How long does the oxycodone stay in your system and will it be safe for me to drink 5-6 hours later? Holy fuck sorry i forgot to mention its 25 mg of percs i dont think i said that earlier**
  2. 25mg, so you're taking 5 percs I guess?

    Thats like 1500-1600mg of apap, which does not mix with alcohol, it ruins your stomach layer.

    Maybe 1-2 beers or something, but if you want to get shitfaced, you probably shouldnt take the oxy.
  3. 1500mg aint SHIT. Just make sure you have food in your stomach or eat something a half hour after you eat the perks. Either way, you wont puke as long as you got something in there trust me.
  4. Not a overdose level or anything, but drinking, especially a lot, with apap in your body isnt good.

    I always find when I eat on opiates, it brings me down a bit.

    Just saying, I would drink my face off, then take the percs and some weed to nurse the day after hangover.
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    well thank you bmorrow for your lovely input but ill call you later and explain the situation but im just looking for how long the percs are actually in your system like how do they digest if i drink a bunch of water will they digest faster becasue after the small high is over id rather get them out of my system fast and no i dont plan on getting shitfaced but sipping on beers all night would be nice and bmorrow come over saturday and sleep over and well just blaze then. Pheonix this is only my 35rd time taking oxy's and the other two times i took 20 mg(4 tabs). both times i felt nice but it just wasnt enough im thinking we get a dinner at the semi so if i just eat a decent sized meal will 4-6 beers go down with no puking?
  6. the combination of alcohol and opiates is the main cause for opiate overdose...however, you should be fine thats a pretty small dose of opiates. just do not ignore your body, pay attention to what it's telling you...

  7. Alright thanks man can you just gimmie a heads up on what kinda signs im gunna get like am i gunna feel nautious, am i gunna have a sore stomach i know the two mixed is not good for you its just i cant get bud through the entire semi and i have no hookups down where the afterparty is so this is sorta my only way out cuz theres no way ima sit at a dance for 5 hours sober as fuck.
  8. take less oxy maybe?

    15mgs should be fine and then you can drink :D

    also I heard if u insert it RECTALLY

    it works better

    but thats RUMORS!
  9. Well Rectaly isnt an option in this situation and if you only take 15 mg oxy you wont feel anything i took 20 mg 2 times before the first time was nice but the second i only really had about a 5 minute peak. Im at this thing for about 5 hours so 5 minutes is not enough. but i think i might just really hold back on the alchohol tommorow night maybe only sip on 3 or 4 beers throughout the night. If i feel anything ill stop drinking right away. Like swisher said most od on opiates are with alchy and i really dont need that tommorow but ill def post saturday sometime and tell how it went,

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