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  1. so tomorrow i'm getting a 40mg oc for $35.

    i've done quite a few bars before and a decent amount of dones. i'm lightweight as fuck but it usually takes me 20mg of hydrocodone to get at the level i like.

    what's gonna be a good dose? is it safe to snort? (if so i'll snort half my dose and take the other half)

  2. either scrape off the color coating, or put in your mouth for 5 seconds, then wipe off the coating with rag or whatever..the pill will be white when youre finished..

    split it in half..crush down..try putting a hard card (drivers license for example, that type of card) over the pill, then rubbing over it agressively with a lighter.. just until the powder is fine.

    rail that ..20mg..then smoke a nice bowl.

    go sit on the couch.

    and be like:smoke::smoke::hippie::love:

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