Oxy addiction???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Rariety, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Okay, so when I broke my wrist I was prescribed oxys. These are little heaven pills. Can you believe these little babies sell easily for $1 a mg in my area of TN? I even sold a couple of 5's for $6!

    Anyway, I usually ate a few a day and then I pretty much finished the bottle. I never felt addicted. I did miss the euphoric feeling though.

    I got a friend of mine to get us a few 30's. I snorted 45mg and it was nothing like eating them. It wasn't as euphoric.

    Does anyone know why eating feels better than snorting? Snorting is supposed to get you higher, isn't it? Didn't work for me and I tried it 3 times.

    Oh and I've been clean for a month.. I never had one symptom..

    Why? I'm I immune?
  2. no you just didnt binge

    and i believe the most euphoric is chasing the dragon youtube it you arent allowed to say how to do a drug here
  3. not everyone gets addicted to opiates..

    ive done the entire range that it has to offer..including shooting..and i binged let me tell you..

    i never had any physical or mental symptoms from the addiction..
  4. Thanks for your reply. I'll check it out.
  5. Me and my friend are in the same boat. He'll pop an 80 for a few days then won't touch it for months.
  6. Don't be chasing the dragon, that's fucked.
  7. Snorting is more of a rush, the bioavailability is probably higher orally
  8. What is it anyway?
  9. See, I never got the rush even.. I just felt sorta tired and it took an hour before I started itching. Eating takes longer to kick in but it feels so much better to me and lasts longer.

  10. chasing the dragon originated in europe when absinthe was at its highest, and most drinkers would lace their drinks with laundunum, a poison with a huge opium base..

    but im sure the definition has changed since then..
  11. Hmm.. thanks.
  12. Well, I'm off to bed now to dream of Oxy's.. J/K

  13. wow... um no its vaporizing it on a piece of tinfoil
  14. again..i said..im sure the definition has changed since then..geez read dude
  15. I'd delete the reference to selling before you're banned or the thread deleted.
  16. Do it every night/day for a month, then tell me if you want it the day after that, and the day after that

    It doesn't take an amazing amount of self-control but once you do it daily for a while it can be quite habit forming.

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