Oxford, ms

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  1. What's up guys? New to GC and wondering if anyone was here from the good ole miss area. Gimme a shout.
  2. Whaasssup dude? Black Bear here.
  3. i dont live there but im pretty sure thats gotta be the best smellin city ever come sept.
  4. You talking about burning the weed fields on campus? The whole city smells like heaven.
  5. Yeah but The Square smells like shit, man.
  6. You from here TI?
  7. From Jackson originally, but living here currently.
  8. Yeah im originally from the coast. You going to school?
  9. For sure. You?
  10. Yeah. Getting ready for classes in a couple weeks. Sad to see the summer go and the tons of people come back. Traffic n shit.
  11. True, but the bud situation will get better. Most of my connections went home for the summer. Still, I guess it hasn't been that bad this summer. You find much good around here? Not tryin to score a hookup just curious.
  12. I got a dude for reg and a dude for good. Both stayed the whole summer so thankfully I didn't have a problem. Neither of them are students so that helps. But good is all I could find for a while.
  13. I've been mostly living on reg this summer, but second half of summer started getting better for me.

    Well far out dude, I haven't talked to anyone in oxford on here. Talked to one guy coming up for school this coming semester. Poor guy will have to stay in those awful dorms Ole Miss offers. I lived in Stockard my first year.
  14. I got lucky and got Deaton. And I ran out of that place as fast as possible. Yeah its cool finally meeting someone from oxford on here. It's possible you could be someone I know just for the fact of how small oxford is and how small its pothead community is. Who knows.
  15. It's very possible.
  16. I should have a grow journal going up soon. Ill hit ya up when it gets going if you're interested in following along.
  17. Totally man, I'd love to. Let me know when it goes up

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