Owner reopens G3 Holistic

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  1. Owner reopens G3 Holistic

    Marijuana clinic defies federal raid

    Sandra Emerson, Staff Writerdailybulletin.com

    Created: 03/19/2012 09:36:50 PM PDT

    UPLAND - G3 Holistic is resilient.
    The medical-marijuana cooperative has survived two Drug Enforcement Administration raids - including one last week - and continues to provide medication to its 2,900 members.
    "I've been first in line, and I've been in early every day, so I would continue to be the first in line to solve this issue," said Aaron Sandusky, the president of G3.
    Federal law prohibits marijuana, but California voters approved the use of the drug for medical purposes in 1996.
    The cooperative has a case pending in the state Supreme Court against the city, which has been fighting to close down G3 Holistic since it opened in 2009. Councilman Ken Willis, who has been vocal against medical
    [​IMG]President Aaron Sandusky pauses while talking about G3 Holistic staying open for business. (Jennifer Cappuccio Maher/Staff Photographer)

    marijuana, said the situation is now between G3 and the federal government.
    "But I would caution them," Willis said. "I don't think it's a good idea to flaunt yourself in front of the federal authorities. They have jurisdiction."
    The co-op was recuperating from its first raid in November when it was raided again March 12.
    Federal agents last week confiscated at least 25 pounds of marijuana and 89 pounds of edible products that contained marijuana.
    But, G3 members got together and restocked the co-op so they could reopen.
    "We're under duress from the previous raid," Sandusky said. "I'm trying to recover as much as I can. I'm asking everyone to work for medications right now and volunteer as much time as they can. Everybody's obviously very willing to help out."
    Brian Muehlen of Ontario, who has been a member of G3 since it opened, was in the cooperative during the first raid.
    "It's ridiculous that they're wasting all this federal tax money to come steal everything that's legal in our state," said Muehlen, who has been volunteering at the co-op. "There's nothing I like more than listening to a patient tell me they've cut five or six pills out of their life

    View in a larger map G3 Holistic raided
    Medical marijuana dispensary G3 Holistic Inc. has been at odds with the city of Upland for the past couple of years.

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    that makes them loopy and hurts their liver.
    "They cut them out of their life because of this medicine, and we should be able to provide that medicine for those people."
    The November raid left G3 Holistic without any medical marijuana, $22,000 in unfunded payroll liability and a $44,000 bill with Southern California Edison. Sandusky's 50 employees lost their health insurance and were forced to apply for unemployment.
    G3 Holistic cooperatives in Colton and Moreno Valley, a warehouse in Ontario, Sandusky's home in Rancho Cucamonga and the Rialto home of his partner John Nuckolls were also all raided in November.
    As a result of the raid, the co-ops closed.
    Sandusky re-opened the Upland location, at 1710 W. Foothill Blvd., on Dec. 30.
    Sandusky is suing the landlord of the Ontario warehouse, alleging that the landlord stole some assets not taken during the raid, and is involved in litigation with Colton and Moreno Valley.
    The city of Upland was granted an injunction in August 2010 by a West Valley Superior Court judge in Rancho Cucamonga. The city's zoning laws prohibit marijuana dispensaries.
    The case has since been heard in the 4th District Appellate Court in Riverside, which ruled in favor of the city, but attorneys for G3 have taken the fight to the state's top court.
    Upland has reached out to the federal government regarding their fight against cooperatives in the city. The city has spent more than $400,000 fighting medical marijuana.
    However, Willis said he first learned of the raid a couple hours later while at the dentist. "The feds don't go around telling people they plan to raid some place," he said. "The DEA or the FBI don't have a list of friends that they call before they raid."
  2. I wonder what they did in the past to piss the DEA off so much =/
  3. It's the city that cried for the feds.
  4. Well thats a bunch of horseshit. If I was in accordance with all of my states laws I would be pissed as all hell if the city I was in basically was stabbing me in the back.

    Either way, Its good that he for re-opening his business. Otherwise the bastard prohibitionist who was responsible for the raids might have thought he is winning.
  5. Koala - this shit is going on all over CA. Between the punks ruining the whole medical gig to the local officials who have a boner for weed, regardless if it is for sick people, it's all jacked up and frankly the whole system needs to be replaced. Worse yet, thanks to the greedy dipwads, we have no initiative to vote on in 2012. So, basically we're heading towards no dispensaries and no legalization.
  6. I'm I reading this right? California didn't get enough signatures to put a legalization initiative on the ballot for 2012?
  7. That's kinda shitty that cali can't get together for legalization. California is kinda seen as the "weed state" and its crazy that Colorado has an initiative but Ca doesn't :/ hopefully some good will come out of this shit storm.
  8. It just seems like there are too many conflicting camps in the California legalization scene. If all of them would have coordinated and gotten behind one measure, I'm sure there is enough support in Cali for them to get enough signatures.

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