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OWI Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 1HitKill, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. So I got an OWI awhile back.  It's a super long story and I don't feel like explaining the whole situation. The whole story is lame anyways. -_-...
    Got my results back from a blood test and there was no alchohol found in my system but there was THC(duh -_-) .  So will the charge get dropped to a DUI instead of an OWI? Also I live in boring ass Wisconsin, is there like a certain limit you can have in your blood or no?

  2. No, because they can't prove you were high at the time of the incident. Marijuana stays in your system for something like close to a month depending on your weight.
  3. If a blood test was taken and the results show THC, the law doesn't give a shit on how long ago you toked. If it's in your system you're under the influence.
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    Really? That's some bullshit. I can't believe that, but I'm sure you could argue it in court, no?
    They took a bloodtest, which shows THC for weeks after use. Just say you smoked a joint like a few days before or whatever
  5. That's what I thought.  Thanks for the feedback guys.  I got a new job and am just going to pay it off.  Things finally looking better!

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