ow to season a glass nail

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  1. Title pretty much says it all how do you season a glass nail for an oil rig? I just got my first rig and ive heard after seasoning the nails heat up alot quicker. Any advice is appreciated. :D
  2. I dont think you even need to season glass, just quartz and Ti. A glass nail does seem to heat up quicker after a while, but i think this is just from heavy use weaking the glass. Since you say its your first rig i assume you dont have any reclaim laying around? or sub-par oil you dont want? You could use the same seasoning techiques a quartz/Ti if you were concerned. Just heat your nail really hot and dab some claim on it. If you dont have reclaim just heating your nail to red hot a few times would probably help the process a long(dont get your nail too hot, or itll crack and fall apart)
  3. Salt and pepper, a little bit of oregano.

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