Ow Feckin Ow Ow Ow!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by CannyBis, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. When looking for outdoor sites to grow don't fall into the biggest patch of nettles around in tshirt and shorts!!!!

    As the title says, ow f*kin ow ow ow!

    Look at the attatched pic and think...........

    If thats how his wrist looked, what about his arms, legs and FACE!?!?!

    As I said, ow, etc.!!!

    All that said, behind the BIG patch of nettles (that are in a nature reserve) is a perfect growing space for my spare clones. Hope all this pain is worth it!

    If it hurt me this much to get to the site, surely that makes it less likely someone else will bother to go there?

    Don't slap me if i've made mental comments, i'm either pissed or stoned or not clever enough!!! :)


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  2. Nae luck Bis, that look sore as fuck.

    At least your site seems well protected. I've also read somewhere that nettles are perfect companion plants for marijuana, supposedly nettles make them produce some essential oils? Maybe it's a load of pish - who knows:)

    Best of luck anyway.

  3. Fuck man that sucks:smoking:
  4. you putting clones out now in winter????or just checking out your spot for spring????laters..
  5. I was looking for some spots for spring, just in case I manage to make some clones stay alive long enough for some experiments.

    Decided it would be easier to look while the majority of weeds were dead or short (or dead short:))

    The moral of this story is don't drink lots of cider before stumbling about in the woods!!!:D

    (I had an excuse that forced me to drink cider, I had no choice)... http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?p=493090#post493090

    Stay chilled and steady on your feet,

  6. when growing outside, i actually look for nettle. you can easily see patches in the fall of the year because of the stalks left.

    nettle looks alot like MJ from even a short distance.
    nettle grows in the same environment as MJ.
    nettle needs as much sun as MJ.
    nettle can be chopped once early in the growing season and it is retarded thruout that growing season. one knockback is all your MJ plants will need as a management technique to keep its head above the nettle.
    and last but not least, wtf in their right mind is gonna go into a nettle patch, so its kinda like a visable fence :)
  7. Thanks froggy!

    You've made me feel like slightly less of a fool!

    Thats really helpful info, I think I have my site chosen :)

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