Overwatering seeds in soil??

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    Hey guys I just made an account here after a googling so often I had to.Anyway, I just started my first indoor grow and so far things are going pretty well. I just got my own special grow tent set up, but I've been germinating seeds for about 10 days already. I already popped about 8 by way of a water glass and papers towels. So after the tap root had popped about a cm out of each, I dropped them in a little rooting capsule I got at Orchard Supply and have them chilling on a heat pad in the dark. I'm keeping em sort of moist, but 

    How can I be sure I'm not watering them to death??  :confused:

    Many thanks and blessings bud brothers
  2. After I pop my seeds in the soil I try to keep the soil moist all the time for a week. Dont soke them and I dont soke the hole pot with water just a 3 inch spot in the middle. But I also put my seeds in a 6.5 gallon pot and that water wont go anywheres if I soke it down. What size pot do you have? Pictures is nice too

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  3. Once your taproot is established you really should get them in soil or whatever hydro medium you plan on using. It's not rocket science guys just put the seed in the dirt water it and wait.
  4. just water them every other day soil is not hydro and holds more water with less oxygen the seedling will need. if u water the whole pot until it drains out the bottom before transplanting then that should be enuff for the first few days
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I know pics would be helpful, but right now my phone is dead and there's not much to show just yet. 

    I don't think I'm overwatering them for now then, but I'm worried I might have already messed up with something else. 
    I'm currently waiting on a light to get delivered, but it's taking a lot longer than I planned. I put my seeds in the dirt after they just managed to pop on friday, so 3 days ago. But I haven't had them under light yet, just the heating pad in the dark still. I was hoping to get the light on them soon, but it's been this long already. 

    How bad is it?
  6. Nvm guys, turned out my seedlings died after all. I just took a look =(
    this would probably be best for the OP
  8. At least this was a learning experience, next time make sure your grow area is fully functional before starting with a new seed.
  9. Ya, true that. 
    Now I'm all out of seeds though =L
  10. Just grab one from a bag of Reggie next time you pick up I only use bag seed and aside from a few runts and males it's given me great bud
  11. Ya, that's what I had. I'd saved up seeds from random bags for like two years. I got too eager and fucked up lol 
    But you're right. Maybe I'll go mid hunting tomorrow. I'd rather start from seeds than a clone anyway
  12. Dont waste your money dude practice with legal plants . Ebay has pepper seeds for a dollar.

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