Overwatering or drainage issue something?

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  1. The only things i have done to these plants is water them . I picked up the pots they were on the light side . I also checked with a moisture meter they were on the dry side. So i watered. I watered a gallon to my 5 gallon pots and half a gallon to my 3 gallon pots. This was yesterday about 530 pm . So when i get up at 9 am they are all droopy just the sweetened strains . The cherry's are doing fine. I take some dirt from about 4 inches down squeeze it.

    Its wet but not dripping water when i squeeze. I did leave the fans on high to on accident all night. Could that be part of it? They did look alot worse so i think they are getting better. I just cant seem to find a perfect watering program. I either under water or over water it seems idk. Could this be a drainage issue? The medium is mostly coco at this point. However its mixed with happy frog that does have peat i believe. Whats the easiest way to solve this issue? besides the obvious dont over water lol. The roots aren't super developed and i transplanted 2 weeks ish ago give or take.

    Who knew the hardest part would be the watering logic? Or at least it is for me. It just seems every other water its doing something weird. Should i be watering till runoff every time to help with drainage? I usually do a gallon to 5 gallon pot usually does run off a bit . I cant remember but last night i had a couple that would runoff. So im just starting to wonder if it is a drainage problem. Its almost like there in shock or something. It sucks because i wanted to take a few cuttings of these for some clones . I guess ill have to wait. Next time im starting from seed! 20190828_112403.jpg 20190828_112400.jpg 20190828_112357.jpg

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  2. How often to water and how much water to give them is dependent on so many factors. Root development, room temp, humidty, type of light, ventilation, pot size, etc. But i wouldnt water to run off if you have underdeveloped roots. I would water less to make those roots stretch out for water. IMO underwatering results in fewer issues than overwatering. I would ease up and only water enough to get the root ball.

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