Overwatering? Or deficiency?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by LivingLight, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. ?

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  2. I see nute burn on the tips.
    PH and PPM's ?
    Ph chart.jpg
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  3. The leaves are going a brown/rust colour and wilting/dying. Any idea what that is?
  4. How much do you water? Soil type? It looks like something other than over watering at first glance.
  5. l did a mini flush. Usually water once a week, 2L per 20L bag.
    Potting soil with perlite is the mix.

    Thank you
  6. And again, what is the run off of the water? PPM and PH?
  7. I don’t think that’s the problem. Almost under watered them sounds like. What do you mean “miniflush”? You didn’t stick the hose on them for 48 hrs I hope?!?

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