Overwatering? Is My Plant Screwed?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by calitree2263, Jun 27, 2014.

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    I'm 90% sure this is overwatering but I need some confirmation from somebody with experience... leaves curling and top of plant slumped over, the older leaves look healthier than the newer ones, the soil is moist and pot heavy. I plan on not watering for a while until it feels completely dry
    how long should I go without watering? Will it recover?
    Thanks if u can help me out

  2. It could bounce back, stop doing the ridiculous routine  of watering till you see runoff.
    Let it dry out and go to 10 oz to a pint every other day or every 3rd day.
  3. I'd dunk this babe to a bath, wash that shit soil out and transfer to a larger pot with 40% perlite to potting mix, water well and allow to sit overnight to resume next day
  4. i wouldnt do this. she is already stressed enough and vostok shame on you, he obviously doesnt know exactly what hes doing over watering, shouldnt advise something so vague and complex to such an unexperienced grower.
    Where these plants started indoors then moved outside? If this is the case it's most likely your plant is burning a little from the full sun.Leaves curling upwards is a sign of heat stress or nute burn.
  5. Indeed the soils has compacted, the addition of sand, gravel or the better perlite, would and does prevent compaction in the root zone, as the roots have suffered considerable stress being depleted of 02, the easiest and most practicable method is to wash the shit soil out and potup to a medium that drains well, prevents compaction, and remove any risk of nute burn
  6. no they were planted outdoors.. the growth closer to the stem is curling and drying upwards while the older leaves are drooping down, with minimal curling
  7. also leo I don't think it's heat stress because when I discovered the curling/drooping the sun was barely coming up and it wasn't hot at all
  8. let it dry up.. dont wash nothing out. everythiing was healthy before the overwatering? because what sense does washing the soil out when its water that is causing the problem.. at least let it dry out first before repotting because you will only stress it more and possibly send her straight into shock.
  9. no fire without smoke
  10. Vostoks right. I had similar problem with overwatering perlite helps it drain well and like he said prevents root compaction. Are you using any Nutes if so how much. Also what kind if soil u using, and is should recover remember only water when at least top 2 in of soil Are dry, also look at ph of soil get back to me on Nutes soil and ph. Also how often u watering

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