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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by bluepalowski, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Did I overwater this plant or is it something else you guys think?

  2. When was the last time you water the plant?

    How many days has it been like this?

    Stick ur index finger n check if soil still wet. If wet, dont water the plant.

    Check the next day again.

    makes sure your soil have good drainage. We dont want your roots rotting!
  3. looks dry to me, soil looks dry too. Also, agree with questions above me, awaiting response.
  4. In my opinion it looks like a lack of lumens pull a couple of those bigger water leaves off so light can get into it
  5. Inch down in the soil isn't wet, maybe a little moist, but I watered it about 2.5 days ago.

    Doubt it is a lack of lumens, the plant is under a 600 watt MH and it is only 11 inches tall

    Think I should water it?

  6. yea water it! its under a bright ass 600 mh and im sure you got an exhaust fan of some sort hooked up to it.if the top of the soil is dry and its been 3 days and the plant looks like that it UNDER watered.
  7. It may be underwatering, I let it sit overnight and the droopiness got significantly worse, does that sound like underwatering?
  8. Dude water her before she dies!!!
    if you put your finger in the soil and it feels dry kinda damp WATER!!! pick up the pot and feel the weight before and after watering so you can tell if it needs watered, typically as soon as you start seeing droop in the leaves you are past the watering point.
  9. Watered her, I will give you guys an update in 6 hours or so to tell you show she is doing. I think I need to transplant soon, around 11 inches tall in a 1 gal container
  10. ive had veg plants go to 18" in a 1 gal pot.how long has the plant been in that pot for?

    def dont transplant soon.let her get stabalized again.give her a few days to get back to normal.
  11. Alright, she has been in that pot for almost 3 weeks now
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    I don't know why ppl go by the 1 inch soil test to see if you have to water.
    The best way is by weight, get used to the feeling of your pot when it's just watered,
    and let the soil dry pretty much all the way out ( so the roots grow and search for the left over water, to give you a nice root system) and check the weight of it when it's dry.
    It takes some practice (as all things do) but this is the most accurate way to water.

    To answer your question, it probably is over watered, as you said it was still moist an inch down.
    Or heat.
    What's the temps in there.

    hope this helps

  13. It was definitely underwatering guys, Thanks!!! take a look 6 hours after watering

  14. Much Better! its amazing what a lil water will do.... :D
  15. wow lol really good before and after hahah :)
  16. Just in the nick of time..

    We're all here for you...after all we ARE a forum

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