Overwatered. What should I do?

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  1. So I took someone's advice ad started my two autos in 5 gallon pots. I had only watered them one time since starting them a week ago up until last night where I watered them again. I think I most define you over watered them as they did not show much progress in the last 24 hours. Does anyone have a solution? Did I ruin my plants or should I just wait till it drys out again.

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  2. just wait..seedlings are slow anyways until roots get established
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  3. When you start a seedling or plant a seed into a huge container like a 5 gallon bucket, you better be prepared to be patient and wait. The plant will not do much of anything (the foliage you see above ground) until it has finished creating a root system. With a container that large, it is going to take a WHILE. Do NOT give that tiny little plant anything else until you see the foliage start to grow more vigorously and the plant actually start to use some water which is not going to happen fast. Those who grow autos don't repot their plants...saying that the stress is too much for the auto strains, which is why they suggest planting them in huge containers right off the bat. But if you keep thinking you've got to do something to it to make it grow, you're mistaken. If you've planted it in the proper kind of soil (a very light and arid soil for good drainage and ease of root spread), watered it in and have it under proper lighting, you JUST HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT TO DO IT'S THING. Giving more water will only rot your roots and make your plant sick. Only when you see that plant start to pick up and grow (the foliage), do you even begin to consider giving it anything or doing anything to it. It's just going to take some time to do it's thing and you're going to have to wait and let it. Read up on auto growing in the threads on the forum. Get your information and "how to" together BEFORE you plant seeds. It makes it much easier to grow. TWW
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  4. You can always count on TWW
    What a guy he knows he stuff
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  5. Thanks man. I'm gonna wait a while before I water again and hopefully my roots don't rot
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  6. Lol well put
  7. This guy hit the nail on the head.

    I know it's so easy to hover over our plants and watch every little thing... But yea man I learned that patience is KEY.

    Seedlings don't need much for the first 10-14 days. Best to get some good reading material and read ahead so you know what to expect. I'm on my first grow too and believe me at first I was always watching over my ladies lol. 6 weeks later I water then 2x a day and let them be. It's easier to see the growth as well :)

    (end rant)

    Happy growing

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