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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Norma Stits, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. high!

    i did the #1 thing a grower should never do and overwatered my seedlings. Basically i'm growing in a new environment and am not used to having temps in the mid 70's as opposed to my last grow which was always in the 80's, so i watered them a little too much.
    anyway enough of my excuses for being a newbie.

    they are 2 weeks old and pretty much look like my other grows did at 1 week (1 set of leaves).
    i transplanted the soggy rootball (the roots looked pretty good considering) into some dry soil and some perlite.
    My question is this:

    my intention was to use these plants (once i seperated the males) as mother plants for future grows. Can i still do this or should i just flower them out when the time comes and start some new moms from seed again?
    the strains are: NYC diesel, Sour Diesel, Island Sweet Skunk, PPP. All of them are "stunted" from the overwatering. Looking at the roots i'm pretty sure they'll come back without a problem i just don't know if keeping them as moms will have any effects on the clones or not.

    thanx a ton,

  2. You just lost a week is all.

    They should do fine. 10 degrees is big shift to learn.

    I use no moters. I go from clone to clone. w/7 strains in perpetual grow. No room for moms.

  3. thanx man.. figured they'd be good just wanted to make sure. And ya 10 degrees and 20% humidity is a big change for me. I'll get used to it for sure.
    they already show improvement after 1 full day so i'm pretty stoked.

    gl 2 ya and thanx again.
  4. Yeah u should be good from what I understand.

    The clones will have the genetic traits of their mother. The hardships the mother faced during life due to environment definitely don't pass on.

    I don't know much about the long term effects of early stunting. I would think that once the plant recovers it will grow at a normal rate but I suspect that the plant will not reach its maximum potential. This might be an issue as u want your mom to be like the bomb ass crazy strong plants ideally. The plant might not produce viable cuttings as fast as a stronger stress free plant, I'm not sure.

    Something to watch though is if u stunted several diff seedlings of the same strain, and one or some of them bounce back with vigor, then maybe early stunting is a good test for mothers lol. Then u know u have some strong plants that resist stress well.

    I dont know, gotta find the silver lining somewhere right??
  5. cool man.. worst case i flower them out and get some buds.. i have a bunch of those seeds left so it's cool (cept for the sour-D) :(

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