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  1. To give some background on my situation i planted 4, 5 day-old plants outside about 12 days ago. They haven't grown very fast because of poor weather. When i planted them the weather was really nice and there hadn't been heavy rain in over 2 weeks.

    Now for the problem. For the past 6 days it has been pouring. It has been off an on heavy rain and its causing major problems for my grow. Three out of four of my plants look perfectly healthy and are just not growing very quickly. The fourth one is not looking very good. it just started its third leaf set and all but one of the leaves are a pale green. The plant is wilting and i am pretty sure it won't make it if it keeps raining.
    So what is the best way to try and save it?
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    You have to somehow stop it from getting so much water. Maybe put some kind of cover over the top, or a trench around it leading away from the plant so most of the rain is guided away. I suppose you could also dig it back up and repot it into dry potting soil and take it inside if it doesn't stop raining. That would also let you take a look at the roots to see if they are rotting from so much water.

    If it is too far gone from overwatering there might not be anything you can do to save it. :(

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