Overwatered, Nute burn or Both? Help

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  1. it's my first time growing, she's about 2 1/2 weeks old and I transplanted her a day ago, I tore one small root while transplanting so it might be in a little shock :unsure: but the leaves are curling up severely and there are signs of what i believe to be nute burn, but could it also be a overwatering problem but I don't know. So what I want to know is what is the exact problem and how do i fix it? Also the top branches were curling up towards the light when I first checked up on her, I pushed them back down though, what could cause that?


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  2. Can someone please help it's getting worse I don't want to fail on my first grow :(

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    Welp I just panic flushed it now I wait :unsure:
  4. It seems to be over watering. I recently had the same probably bro. Dry your medium out for a few days and see if they perk back up
  5. So what do I do about the burns if its overwatered?
  6. If it was over watered and you flushed it, only time will tell. Is it in soil? Seems kinda early for a def.
    Also you have it a clear container.. Ya gotta use something that doesn't allow light to the roots.
  7. Thanks for the help I'll just wait I guess
  8. Could be over watering. Nite burn burns the tips. I think.

    Might be a PH PROBLEM.

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  9. between feedings or waterings let the medium dry out 100% it should be mad light

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