overwatered my plants like a mf

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by beamish, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. so i just realized i overwatered the shit out of my plants.
    completely spaced and forgot that i had just fed them yesterday.
    today, gave them just reg water and molasses..

    will this seriously fuck things up?
    overwatered about 2 hours ago, and even though lights are off right now, their leaves have already gone from happy to droopy.

    humidity is near zero, so over the next two days things should dry out right quick.

    but damn, this pains me so.
    my first fuck up.. :(

    Can this kill them?
  2. do you have runoff?

  3. Ya, what a mf lol.

    Dont sweat it. It wont fuck anything up. The leaves may be heavy for a few days, thats all. Let her dry up and continue.

    If a plant is soaked, every attempt should be made to get the plant into the light.
    The plant will use the water up quickly during photosynthesis/transpiration.

    But if youre in flower, not much can be done.

    Its all good bro.

  4. is it okay to water until there is runoff?
  5. you usually want a third of the amount you put in to run off. helps avoid salt build up and pulls air into the roots.
  6. false alarm, thanks for tips guys.
    by the end of the dark period their leaves were perky, and by the end of the light period today, the plants grew about 2 inches each, kinda unexpected.

    but they are doing bitching well now.

  7. ya, afterall it is a plant... it should be able to handle some rain

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