Overwatered? im not sure please help

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  1. i watered 4 days ago... kinda heavy on accident i didnt mean to..

    2 days later they were fine not drooping like they are today..

    anybody have any ideas?

    4 days no water i wouldnt think theyre still overwatered but thats exactly what they look like..

    any help is very much appreciated







  2. Could be under-watered. How dry is the soil?
  3. Yea, you know what you did, but if you think you over watered chances are you did, i had the same problem, didnt water for like a week and a half and they all started to perk back really nice

  4. half pinky and soil is very dry

    i think i might water again

    i kept the fan off that circulates the air inside because it was getting cold and i think the light dried them up a bit
  5. under-watering, when the top 1/2-1 inch is bone dry you need water, best bet is to water every 2-3 days. key is to keep soil damp not drenched
  6. thanks im going to water
  7. ok so i watered..

    their in 1 gal. pots right now dont have room to transplant yet and i use about a half to a full 20 oz. bottle and i dont get much runoff couple drips here n there.

    this time half bottle and its flooding everywhere.. thats never happened not sure what thats about..

    hopefully the problem was that they were thirsty

    thanks guys
  8. question man what kind of water are you using (tap or filtered) and whats the ph, and are you feeding them at all
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  10. i also had this problem i left the soil to dry out to much an it has come away from the side just add water slowly and it will go back to normal!!

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