Overwater Crisis

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by forsakic, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, I was overzealous with my watering today and my 8" plant tipped over when the soil became too muddy. I caught the plant before it completely fell over, and now I've propped it up with a wooden support.

    Was this fatal? I hope not. Thanks.
  2. yes overwatering kills more plants then the government each year drain out a lot of the water and dont water until the soil is dry good luck
  3. it'll be fine (most likely anyway..). weed is seriously one resilient plant. i left 8 outside for like 2 months in the worst possible conditions.. 30-35 degree (celcius) weather with no water and for like 2 weeks it rained like every day and those motherfuckers still gave me like 3oz.. maybe im just lucky tho :D

    put your finger about 1" in the soil. if its dry, then and only then you can water. this is usually every other day. do not water them daily cuz that gonna kill em..

    but anyways dont worry so much :) even if you treat em like shit (like me..) you will probably still get something.

    edit : i just realised your soil prolly doesnt have good drainage so you might wanna consider that when you repot em (or are they outdoor plants?). adding some vermiculite, perlite, sand, gypsum or chopped straw could improve the drainage of your soil.

  4. Yes I agree. If the soil and the pot have good drainage the plant is very difficult to over-water.
  5. Since the over-watering, the sun has gone down and I've moved the plant under a CFL bulb. The leaves have tilted upwards towards the light, which I interpret as a good sign since they were wilting earlier.

    Like you said, marijuana is a resilient plant. I think it will fight another day. Thanks. :hello:
  6. Never had that problem in pots. On my first outdoor grow, when i dug the holes i left a crater around the plants thinking during the dry summer every bit of rain would go to the girls than it happened, it rained everyday all day for 6 days. I went and checked on the girls everyday... They stood there for 8 days(took two days to drain/dry)In 6and a half inches of water. I thought for sure a three of the 3ft plants would suffer stem rot. They looked like hell on the part underwater but but as soon as it dried out some they all took right off... Sorry for rambling just got off work and smoked a couple gravity hits.. any way just let her dry out she will be fine. Choke with ya later....

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