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  1. this year i grew my first pot plant, not done yet but very close(the pictures i have are from late sept). its coming out very nice, but given my lack of experience im surprised it worked as well as it did.im writing this to share my idea for next year so i dont run into some of the problems i have this year. i had a spot in the woods that (had) some plants in them, and a friend stumbled upon my 5 gallon bucket they were kept in. he threw in some seeds and bam 2 weeks later there were almost 10 of the little things. so i kept the biggest 2 and let them grow. never fed them anything except for the small amount of manure already in with the potting soil ( about 95% soil). when they started flowering i would give them water with molasses and little bits of this crappy continous release formula. they must have been planted around june and its end of sept now and they are nice as you can see. but next year i want better. tell me how this plan sounds:
    -once it starts getting warm enough (april-may in my area) im going to plant maybe 10 or so germinated seeds in every 5 gallon bucket. il put more holes in it then i did this year for better drainage. the medium will be basic maybe same as this year, the potting soil and manure (any better suggestions?)
    -il come back every few days to mist with water and gradually pull out the smaller ones leaving maybe the strongest half of them
    -maybe a month into their life il find a good fertilizer that you just add to water and il start feeding every other week with that
    -around flowering time (aug-sept) i want to have weeded out all but the 3 strongest plants in each bucket. when they start showing sex the odds tell me that each bucket should have atleast one female. when i can tell il leave only the best female in each bucket.
    -once the girls have the space to themselves il start feeding bloom nutes ( il get some flowering fertilizer and use the molasses trick)
    this plan sounds like it would work good, il have strength in numbers. that way i can mess around with other things like pruning and maybe learn how to do that. i want experienced outdoor growers opinions on this because my grow this year is suffering due to lack of planning
  2. oops this was supposed to be in outdoor growing...

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