Oversaturation in Oregon

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  1. Want to get a deal on cheap weed? Albeit, stuff that's probably been sitting around, degrading at room temperature for several months. Oregon's the place to be!

  2. I suspect forecasts for consumption given increasing legality are greatly overestimated for the sake of jacking up stock prices on new cannabis corp investments. Their game plan is likely to cash out on their stock while it is still novel and before the likely crash as has occurred in Oregon with latecomers left holding the bag. It is just too easy to grow, does not take much farmland, and the average quantity most users will likely consume is rather low. What will happen is it will become much cheaper than today.

    Between 2002 and 2014, the percentage of Americans who said they smoked marijuana at least once in the previous year grew from 10.4 percent to 13.3 percent. This brings the population who admitted using marijuana from 22 million in 2002 to 32 million in 2014. About 1/4 smoke daily or 8+ million and is a much higher percentage now than it will be in the future because it is dominated by hard core users that have been smoking illegally for decades.

    The percentage on this board that smoke daily is of course much higher. In other words most people that smoke are occasional smokers like this person, especially those with more professional or technical 8-5 m-f jobs where the haze and fog from smoking for 1 to 3 days following any smoking is certain to negatively affect one's performance and motivation. Thus the majority of people are not going to be daily smokers so I expect forecasts of how much weed legalization is likely to increase consumption tends to be exaggerated. I also don't think infused recreational edibles and drinks will be as successful as enthusiasts expect primarily because the delay between ingesting and sufficiently noticing effects takes way way too much time. People are not going to go into a pot lounge to get high and then have to wait and hour or two to feel high, much less find out how much high.
  3. Boy , am I seeing that happen, already, in Vermont.
    I grew pot. I gave all my friends pot (all that would use it). I offered more; "No, that's already a years worth".
    My partner said; "Isn't it great to smoke reefer and not have to buy it?"
    The price of black-market reefer is going down... and there isn't even a legal way to sell it in this State, yet!
    'People' don't buy pounds of reefer!
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    I use to buy pounds now I grow my own. Oregon has a ridiculous amount of weed think we’ll be supplying other states with in a year or so. Key in Oregon is too Always ask what the process date is on cheap ounces theres places that will sell u year old flower for 20-40 an ounce get that prepackaged trash home n find the only thing it’s good for is edibles or tinctures.
  5. Oregon and Washington will always be over saturated as long as producers can't legally across state lines. If California couldn't sell Lettuce or Kansas couldn't sell corn to other states there would be similar problems in those markets. The coastal north is just cannabis' climate
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  6. The proposed solution - interstate cannabis commerce with states with like-wise legal recreational use, reminds me of a story I read on-line regarding the Canadian metal band Anvil. Guitarist Steve "Lips" Kudlow was musing on filming a follow-up to the earlier Anvil documentary of 2009. Reasoning that a second film will give a revived shot-in-the-arm to the band's once again flagging career. Circular logic.
  7. I feel like I need to help out these poor states, they can just give me their bud :love-m3j:
  8. I rarely go to dispensaries and when I do I buy enough that I don’t have to go back for a long time. I’ve found that when buying flower the key is to ask what the process date is. Some of the stuff places sell is like a year old no humidity pack is bringing any moisture to those buds. 20-30$ ounces are good for edibles or tinctures not smoking.
    Also Oregon quit dishing out licenses for new growers this year as a way to try to control the amount of cannabis in Oregon.
  9. Ahhh shit been so high at night lately didn’t realize I responded last night lol
  10. It really is a problem never thought i would say that their is too much legal pot in the us. We need some other states to get on board so can be shared. Or just let everyone grow their own.
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