Overproduction of pistols

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am in the process of growing candy Kush and of course all three of my plants are completely different from each other go figure ha ha. I have one that has overproduced pistols which I saw on my lemon plant from a previous grow. Pistols never ambered up but after harvest the buds all turned dark Amber. I am including pictures of the Candy Kush plant for visual aide….Any help will be accepted. 53391AA3-56A2-41EE-B0EF-43E2DF408E35.jpeg E66E1F55-B82C-4F61-A0BA-C2615A6E8B8E.jpeg 3C7B487A-3139-40A7-8B45-8F096F2771D5.jpeg
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Just a reminder, no plant grown from seed will be the same. The only way you can get your plants to be on the same page is if they are cuttings/clones of the same plant. As young as your plants appear, I would say that an "over production" of pistils is an overstatement. Most growers are only concerned with that at the end of the plants life cycle and that is usually due to heat and light intensity. Hope this provides a little insight. Enjoy your day with family and GL with your grow!
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  3. The plant is going on nine weeks this is an auto flower.
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  4. 9 weeks is not very long for an auto flower. Breeder finish times are very confusing and sometimes deceiving. My average auto flower runs for 12 weeks. I've had a Purple Haze run for 17 weeks. Your plants look fine. But, they are a far way off from the finish line.
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