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overpacking a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spazx, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. is it possible to overpack a bowl? today one of my friends accused me of this, i responded hostily as i had no clue what he was talking about. His explanation went a little like so:
    "When you put that much in it will get clogged or just not hit, stop doing it youre wasting your bud, "
    i dont think its true at all, the only thing im worried about when i pack it fat is if any is going to fall out. so my question is:
    Can you overpack a bowl ?
    And if so: What does overpacking a bowl result in?
  2. #2 Stoopid Toker, Jun 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2009
    yes you can.

    here is how. When you pack a bowl, you arent really packing it... you are putting weed into it, and then lightly pressing it down. You can use a little bit of pressure, but not really a forceful packing. You probably are doing exactly as he says: putting too much weed into the bowl and pressing it down a lot (packing) so that it is so tight it is hard to hit it. Then you dont really get a good hit, and the weed just burns on top, smoking a lot.. like a cherry you cant really hit... this is an obvious sign of overpacking.

    try it with less.... see if you notice a difference.
  3. Exactly this! + rep for perfect answer :)
  4. yea bro dont do it.. bad
  5. What about without packing it down and just filling it with ground up bud to a pile that rises just above the end of the glass? which is what i usually do
  6. Nothing wrong with that.

    I push the bud in a little bit, but not too much. It's pretty easy to pack a smokeable bowl, and after packing enough you'll see how to make it enjoyable. But it doesn't sound like your doing anything wrong.
  7. I just noticed that you have 828 posts. That is a LOT of posting about weed without knowing how to pack a bowl lol. Sorry, but i had to point that out.

    Maybe your friend was just wrong, who knows.
  8. You can definitely over pack a bowl. I like it when its loose so you don't waste bud and dont get any clog. Just put the weed in the bowl till it fills about 2/3 to the top dont press down on it at all.
  9. #9 Acid Raindrops, Jun 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2009
    bro, as long as your cornering that shit and not holding the lighter over the bud because its harder to inhale its good. if you know what im saying, if you were trying to take a hit from a overpacked bowl and its harder to draw smoke and instead held the lighter over the bud torchin it tryin to get a big hit i can see where hes comin from, cornerin is holding the lighter off to the side of the bowl and lightly and briefly lightin just a little bit of bud, and if the bowl is overpacked its hard to do that without sorta torchin a decent amount of the top bud.

    sorta said same thing as stoopid toker but not as well explained, haha. :smoking:
  10. Agreed. Overpacking makes it hard to hit, and it wastes weed when it burns on top but you can't hit it.
  11. nice explanation Acid Raindrops.

    Your Sig cracks me up. Keep that shit.
  12. yea, or just don't pack it at all if you choose. Sometimes when I have little weed left, I will just fill the bowl once and not bother packing more on. This way I have to fill the bowl more often but it takes longer to do so, and I get high before I smoke more than I need.

    Anyways, what Stoopid toker said, QED.
  13. You can still pack it a lot so that it protrudes over the actual bowl as long as it's not packed hard it will hit alright.:)
  14. This is a point. I know sometimes, usually when I'm at my third or fourth bowl, I start packing bowls to the point it's kind of funny how much there is, but it always hits good and as long as people corner it, it won't just go to waste. We end up smoking it like normaly.

    It could happen, like Stoopid Toker said, that the bowl won't hit good because it his really too compacted, than it is clearly overpacked.

    As long as it hits good, you are okay.
  15. Yes you can overpack a bowl.......

    If you put too much in, then cornering doesn't really work so well and by the time you smoke the herb underneath, you're burning ash on the top, and the taste suffers accordingly.

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