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  1. i have a small room packed with beautiful bubba kush ladies in gallon pots ready to flower, my only problem is that the plants shot up about 6 inches very quickly and now i am concerned that they might be too tall to flower comfortably given the space provided. height isn't so much a concern as much as actual floor space.

    i need to explore my options. i feel that i could give them all a good topping, but i hesitate to do that at this stage of growth. they are well over a foot tall at this point. i am also unfamiliar with this strain so i don't know how it will respond to topping.

    i could also attempt lollipopping so that the branchier lower half of the plants are removed and don't cause problems with air flow and crowding, allowing the plants breathing room to concentrate on their tops.

    my last idea is simply breaking the main stem a few nodes below the new growth just to stress them into not growing for a few days. i believe this is called super cropping.

    any experienced growers have input? any comments are appreciated:wave:
  2. I think you are on the right track with the super cropping idea. However, you do not need to break the stem per say. All you need to do is squeez the stem gently until it collapses. The structure of the stem will allow it to collapse if you do this properly. if you do not squeez the stem in the right spot it will split the stem (bad.) So, gest be gentle and and you will feel when the stem is giving and when it is resisting.

    You can take the super cropping method a little further and do this at the top so that you can actually bend the top of the plant down. Do not worry the plant will adjust and grow like this. It will also be good for developing more bud sites.

    I have never grown Bubba Kush, so i can not speak for its response to topping. I would imagine that it is fine, but I have never grown it. Good luck
  3. so i have heard a few different definitions of "super cropping" , and super cropping is when you clone a plant 21 days into the flowering cycle, you throw the clone into veg which creates MASSIVE ammounts of shoots/ main stems, a friend of mine actually has a post in the advanced growing techniques section on this technique... i believe all "breaking" the main stem would do is promote side growth...
  4. hmm that's interesting. i've never heard that technique called super cropping. truth be told i've never heard it called anything but taking a flowering clone and vegging it haha.

    when i said break the stem, what i meant was crushing the stem, the idea being that the damage will be repaired and become even stronger than before, delivering more nutrients to the buds above the damage.

    i just did a quick google to find a tutorial on what i'm referrring to as super cropping, and apparently it's a very misunderstood term. more than a few people are referring to scrog and lst as super cropping.
  5. i understand what you meant by break the stem, i just havent used that technique before, only time ive seen it was in an outdoor grow the massive wieght of the main cola bent the main stem right down but i didnt get to see the after math.... hahaa yeah everyone seems to have there own definition of super cropping, the technique i was talkin about is also refered to as monster croping
  6. If floor space is a concern, topping may not be the best method, as the plants will bush out. Supercropping may be the best method IMO.
  7. if they are kind that can be topped ive heard of people that consistentl top just prior to flowering so that would probabl be gravy if you give it 2-4 das after topping to get a little bit of new growth goin, another solution would be to lean them over a little bit but then some parts might not get light and youd have to turn them, but platns like consistency of where the get their light in certain parts of the day so itd be best to just lean them a bit just as such to minimall affect light input if not just increase it 1
  8. ps maybe you can top them extra low not sure if that would have same affect however

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