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    8x4 mylar lined grow box, six critical kush plants the light setup is 2 600w MH (HPS for flower) air cooled above and 24 65w cfl's, 12 65w cfl's on each side in between the ladies. I can purchase one more complete 600w for above. So my question is with one more 600w while i see a difference in growth and yield? Or is it not really necessary?

  2. you could do 1000w for 6 plants if they're flowering, but i'd keep
    the 600w for vegging
  3. Ditch the CFLs... Do 2 1000 watt ballasts split to 4 hoods run 4 600 watt bulbs... 2 10k mh 2 4k mh or 2 2k hps.. You get better buds with mh! With 4 hoods in a 4x8 you will have full coverage front to back side to side

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  4. listen to Pot Professor Paul he is dead on. that is the only way to use HID. the MH will give you some sick resign production and the hps will fatten your buds. if the budget can take it I would scrap the HID and drop in three xml 350s
  5. will the fluros along the sides help with supplemental light for the sides of the plants and make the bottom/mid of the plant grow stronger? Or is that not necessary?
    If not I'm thinking 2 lumatek 1000w.
  6. its gonna add unwanted heat below which is fine during colder weather. u should consider lumepower 1000 watt digis i split one for veg run 2 400 watt bulbs. lumepower works just fine and they cost 120 a piece 
  7. How do you split a ballast into 2 hoods?
  8. Well sunpulse and SolisTek sell splitters. They work!

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