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  1. Wassup tokers

    If I tried to grow 4 plants in ONE 10gal pot, will that overcrowd my babies?
  2. HIGH All, are they from seed or clones. If seeds chances are you'd get a 50/50 chance of females and males. Clones I'd put in two into the pots.

    Remember your plants will Almost double in size when put into 12/12 mode.
  3. not four...hell only one, but if you have to 2 females only if they are clones just like unoit said.....each plant needs at least 3-5 gallon pot....hence 2=10......but why?....you trying to save money Kro?.....Peace out...Sid
  4. HIGH All, it's what I would have said also "why"...they ask...we answer to the best of our ablities.

    I think as in our own life we need space.
  5. @sidious

    Not trying to save money, just experimenting with some different things. My "Red Fusion" is coming along great. I will post pics later. It looks a bit cherry redish hue (the buds that is). I flavored them with Peppermint and Cherries. I toked just a pinch, and I was fucking fried in 10minutes.

    When I post pics there is a 75-99.999% chance of drooling.

    I'm at the job now, wait til I get home!
  6. well get them pics up as soon as possible so we can all drool over them...lol...the last pics looked really good.....Peace out...Sid

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