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  1. I've found an excellent location but the problem is that the grass is so thicc that when u walk your walking on grass and not the actual ground which is like 4-5 inchez below the grass.....hard work to clear out n all i'm using are my hands and a sword....any suggestions for making this easier??.......otherwise i'll have to jus clear the surface level and use buccetz which i wouldnt prefer.thnx for any input

    what about herbicidez??
  2. i wouldnt use herbicides for fear of damaging the plants going in, or poisoning myself. id grab a spade and de turf it , then dig and fill back with compost/ other substrate
  3. I Liked this thread based purely on the fact that you said you're using a sword :metal: Odin will be pleased!
  4. lol well i cant use anything else except maybe the spade as suggested....what do u mean "de turf"??.......i dnt mind wrking hard cuz itz a gr8 location bt dde grass is sumtng else
  5. Herbicides will harm the plants you are planning to grow. If you can get a weed eater I would use the to clear the weeds. After that break out the shovel.
  6. i bought a spade imma C wat i can do wid that.....1 way r de other imma get this done

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