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  1. This is the first time growing a SCROG and I believe I over did it with the LST early in VEG just flipped to12@12[​IMG]

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  2. Looks nice man. Stay high
  3. There's no need to lst when you Scrog. That's what the nets for. Looks fine bro. Actually I would have filled it more. Wait till it fills out and there's buds everywhere, you'll be happy. Most people don't have the patience to actually fill the net. Good job 5bedd74a1dfe7164a83a66a0cd3b906e.jpg this is how mine looks when I flip.
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  4. Hey thanks everyone. I normally just LST first time with the SCROG so I am learning as I go. The stretch on this strain is not huge and I have great air flow and low humidity so once I get some buds going l hope to be cool. Thanks again for the encouraging words!
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  5. Looks great dude.
  6. What size containers would you use for a 3x3 scrog. Never done it before I'm building a Scrog net though.
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    Depends on how you're growing? I'm assuming bottled ferts so personally I would do 1-2 plants in 5 gallon containers.

    I would not use 2 gallon as previously Suggested. That would only be good for small plants and short veg time. Definetly not a full net in a. 3x3 scrog.
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  8. I do both organic and bottled . I'll be scroging with bottle as its easier to drip line under the net. I would assume. Rather than need to top dress and not be able to. I currently have 5 plants about 15in in 3g pots. I need to flower first. I'm worried it will be too crowded with 5 might just flower 4. There just some shitty clones. Just want them done asap.

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  9. I use 15 gallon organic no tills under scrog nets. I leave 10" between soil and net and can easily topdress.
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  10. There's no need doesn't mean you can't do it. I like to LST my plant for 1 1/2 month before I put in my scrog to scrog it. The reason I do so is to control the grow and growth of my plant.
    Pro of LST before scrog:
    1- have more side branch becoming stalk like (no lst w/ scrog would give you thinner side branches)
    2- more branches... more bushier
    3- Better control because you are training them from day 1 through flowering.
    4- Shorter plant, great for grow that has no head room. My clone was 8ish inch, after 1 1/2 month it under 8 inch with 15+ bud site and counting and it hasn't even hit the 2.5 inch holes scrog.

    Bigger stalk = bigger bud cola and healthier and stronger plant. More work for sure, but if you love interacting with your plant it is not a bad thing.
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  11. Never said you can't just said there's no need. I used to also. Not anymore, totally unnecessary the net will do the same thing. Scrog and lst does the same thing other then one lays the branches out as you see fit, the other is organised squares.

    Crap like being shorter, bushier, etc is up to the grower and can be achieved by both. I lst and Scrog in different grows, just don't waste time lst'ing to scrog the same plant when it does basically the same thing
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  12. better over than under right? Look really nice scrog. What size is your scrog hole? Look like it is under 2 inch.
  13. I knew what you meant, just putting it out there for other folks that happen to find this page. My friend doesn't LST and only scrog. If you let your plant grow tall enough the node between branches get further apart meaning less branches. I disagree with it being the same thing. My 2 Kimbo kush is shorter and more bud site compare to my friend kimbo kush clone taken from the same mother. I would have a new branch growth every 1-2 inches apart where his is 2-4 inches. Either method work, but I wouldn't say they are the same thing. Similar... yes, same... not quite. For someone who looking for more of a carefree grow, your method would work better for them.
  14. Height of a Scrog is determined by the grower same as lst.

    Lower the net= lower the plant
    Lower it's LST'd down = lower the plant.

    You're comparing 2 different growers in 2 different Grows, 2 different environments, 2 techniques ... of course you have 2 different results . Way to many variables

    I've been growing using both techniques most of my adult life and I'm well over the hill. I know the similarities and the differences of the 2. If you know what youre doing a grower can obtain basically the same results with the exception of how the plant is laid out.How the plant is laid out is totally grower dependent.
  15. Lower scrog = PITA to water, to prune if needed, to check for bugs, harder to rotate the plant, can dmg young new branches, harder to move it higher, and more. I am not arguing against your method, each his own. Just sharing more info.

    As for the me and my friend. Almost identical except for water, nute, and few other. But same genetic so keep that in mind when it come to traits of the plant.
    Small plant will usually branch closer and as they grow taller they grow further, that happen to most plant in general.

    Not hard feeling, you have way more experience than me, but throwing your experience around like it is a badge is a dick move. I am still learning and I am only trying to add more to this post. Not here to argue. Have a good day.

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    Harder to rotate the plant?? Have you ever actually scrogged? You can't rotate the plant nor do you need to. Harder to move the net higher?.lol you can't move it higher and if you know what youre doing there's never a need to. It really seems like you've hardly ever scrogged if ever at all. You don't seem to understand what's going on with a scrogged plant. 5bedd74a1dfe7164a83a66a0cd3b906e_zpsr7ihmrsw.jpg
    I'm not throwing experience around so settle down dude. Relax and stop getting pissy over nothing. Remember...you're the one who pulled up a old dead thread to quote me.. that's not my fault. Don't want to hear about my experience, don't quote me.

    1 plant in a 2'x4' net, right at flip to flower. I can easily reach everywhere. Scrogged plants can't be rotated, nets can't be raised once they're grown into. Fat stalks can be achieved regardless of technique. This is where experience matters. Not the act of throwing experience, around, just the fact of having the experience in order to accomplish the task at hand efficiently with the best possible outcome of whatever technique is used.
    The only thing identical in you and your friends grow seems to be the strain. You didn't even use the same nutes let alone 2 complete different growers and environments.
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  17. My first scrog actually. Why rotate? To get the light to hit different area of the plant. Adjustable or movable scrog has it benefits. Once again, reason why I lst before scrog because I like to do all that and lowering the scrog will only make it harder. Each to their own, there is no wrong way to raise your plant. Your method will be PITA for someone who micromanage like me. Once again, I am adding more info for other readers and not just 1 method work all.

    I didn't say your method didn't work, I am just pointing out that there more you can do if you wanted too. I am actually settle and calm, I would pass you some BBK blunt. Once again, no hard feeling. Your method work for you, great. BTW Nice picture of a scrog setup.

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