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  1. Hey guys, any OG members here?

    I am not like insulting grasscity.com by asking this, both websites are awesome but I noticed overgrow.com is screwed up right now and I'm just wondering if it got closed or something cause I really feel like going there right now.

    SO any OG members know anything about this or have also had difficulties with overgrow today?
  2. I am subscribed to a BUNCH of green Forums

    It seems that more than just OG CW and a few others seem to be down.

    I wonder if the huge tunnel found in mexico, to Cali has anything to do with this.


  3. any more info on that tunnel? a link?
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  5. All that bud is gone to waste.

    But im sure it was the shittiest weed ever.
  6. Yea, I was wondering the same thing.... it's a shame I like reading both sites. I hope it comes back soon :(
  7. I miss overgrow. Im addicted. I must have tried the link a hundred times in the past 2 days. Im sad now. I will check this site out now, maby it will become my new home. What the hell is going on!!@!~~! Kind of worries me. That tunnel shit is insane.

  8. NOOOO I needed to research overgrow for a silent fan... hope they aren't down permanently
  9. They've been down several days now & I'm sure it has nothing to do with that tunnel....that's old news anyway.
    Or is this some new tunnel they found? The 1 I'm referring to went from a warehouse to some guy's home & the fireplace was the entrance.
    Plus I doubt it was shitty weed....not all schwagg comes outta Mexico. We used to get killer weed back in the 70s from Mexico -- Michoacan, Oaxacan, & the well-publicized 'Acapulco Gold'.
    Like I said, Mexican weed can be kick-ass...all depends on the growers.
  10. I was worried about OG down. It's my favorite place on the internet!
  11. those dumb shits are acting like it was 2 tons of heroin they found!
  12. Ahh thanks. I'm an avid OGer and I'm glad to hear it will be up again sometime in the future. Had me worried. :p

  13. Link didnt work for me..

    old pink has just posted the same thing but no one was warned..No mods nobody..They think the site went down and they decicede to add the new server..emery claims they have run out off money..It all seems to be speculation at the momment..

    eddit..link worked after awhile..op posted same thing at pg..Hes guessing..
  14. Didn't I just see your name somewhere, pamplemouse?
  15. Yeah, I've been trying to get onto OG for the last few days too. In fact, it being down is what precipitated my joining grasscity. I was getting paranoid thinking that maybe the feds had it shut down and got all the info on all the members. Wouldn't that be terrible? Si is it true that they are changing servers? I think they could have warned every one about that.
  16. I hope it comes back and the pigs haven't gotten into their info/business but you never know...
  17. Just remember....This could happen to YOU.......


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