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  1. Perfect example of why marijuana should be legal: OVERGROW.COM RIP
  2. This. Makes. Me. Sick.

    Being so close to Canada (5 minutes from the border), I always thought they were more lenient on Cannabis use, saddens me to see this changing negativly in Canada.
  3. that sux. must be from pressure by the us.
  4. i visted that site a few times before they shut down. I remeber they had some pretty sick printable flyers. anyone remember those?
  5. I can't believe the RCMP put that placeholder on Overgrow.com. They are shamelessly promoting the bust. Here's some info on the bust High Times > Overgrow.com Update. It is interesting that these people will be tried in Canada while Marc Emery is being extradited to the US.
  6. Yeah, Canada can't make its own decisions. Clearly they were pressured by a country that has legal MMJ in 13 states.
  7. I miss Overgrow.com. Best weed forum ever.
  8. That's the real irony. In 2004 Canada wanted to decriminalize but it was shot down by pressure from the US, even though they had done the exact same thing in many states. The US feds frequently wipe their feet on Canada's sovereignty. They arrested Marc Emery and no doubt had a hand in this case. The DEA keeps two offices in Canada, one in Ottawa and one in Vancouver.

    The DEA officially says their involvement with the RCMP is to "coordinate international drug-trafficking investigations" but how many RCMP offices are in the US? Thanks to our spineless leadership Canada really can't make its own decisions.
  9. I look at it like all the kids or "young adults" younger didn't have Overgrow like I did when I was a teenager .so I feel blessed to have had access to so much info and so many people now that weed is finally going to be decriminalized. Its like a new generation. I learned so much from just that one website. Naw I Remember the BUD OF THE MONTH on the homepage that was awesome !
  10. the United States does not write Canada's laws. it is not the United States' fault if Canada does not decriminalize.
    Mexico decriminalized. this is because, like Canada, Mexico's laws are not written by the United States.
  11. ya the united states would never interfere with international politics to achieve its own goals without overt, publicized action, they hate secrets...
  12. If we could Decriminalize it we would. They won't let us vote on it on a grand scale like we vote for the president. Overgrow.com rules!!! I dont think they had 200,000.
  13. Money makes the world go round. Over 40% of Canada's GDP comes from exports, primarily commodities such as oil, gas and mineral wealth. The US is their biggest customer by far accounting for over 75% of Canadian exports. If you ran a restaurant and 75% of your customers wanted an item off the menu or they might stop coming would you remove it?

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