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  1. The site overgrow.com is too big this site is so much better its not all crowed with advertizements and stuff just wondering what your opinion is
  2. It's overpopulated IMO.
  3. I'm with ..unoit ..on this one guys..And as a fellow OGer ,,Overgrow has has allowed many successful growers to share the wealth of Cannabis Growing knowledge to others,enabling them to accent the "personal and Medical use" aspect,,,by growing their own. If you find to much traffic...remember..there is much already gone over in posts already present,,don't be discouraged...read posts,use searches,etc. If you wish more personable help,,there are many good people, and veteran growers here at Grasscity as well,, who are very friendly, and willing to help...

    Just like this site,(which sponsors the faq's at overgrow),all good cannabis sites need our interaction,and voice to be heard,,It can only assist in obtaining our freedom....peace

  4. Overgrow has always been an inspiration for me, I can only dream that we would be that big :). I realy am happy that we still can have this mellow atmosphere here at the city, I hope it can stay that way if we grow, but I'm sure we can , our moderators are dedicated wise people.


  5. Never been on overgrow.com i just looked at it and it looks to busy for me I like to stick to one forum rather then share my time between 2. And your right this site is what we make it and I want it to stay the way it is rather than a over crowded forum.

  6. its a good site just saying its a little too crowded hope grasscity doesnt get like that with 20,000 plus people
  7. what would happen if we got too many people. Would there be groups deffined by when you joined. You could view any posts you liked but you could only post in your group or that sort of thing. What happens if this place does get overcrowded? It's getting bigger everyday and with the people we have on here... I dunno.

    i've noticed tho that most of the olds do not seem to be posting as much nowdays. I mean come on- BPP AND WOODY IN PARTICULAR AND AMANITA AND HIGAWATHA- Ok Highawatha's still postin quite a lot but you know the group of people I mean. The only old guy here is sax man..... no offence sax man... No one here's old old but... I'm just digging a deeper and deeper hole for myself aren't I... shut up eome...
  8. I must be a youngin too........lol....And while Grasscity Grows....We will do all we can to maintain the atmoshere we all enjoy...

  9. i just forgot to mention you...

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