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  1. I'm a new user at grasscity but I've used overgrow a few times in the past. I'd like to use both sites in tandem to collect the knowledge I need for my first grow but I can't get overgrow.com to come up. I get cgi errors and other browser errors every time I try to access the website or any of its links. I've tried from multiple locations and with different browsers and it simply doesn't come up. Am I the only one having this problem? Is overgrow.com still active? I'm confused.
  2. OG was raided and shut down almost a year ago
  3. What the hell happened to the first amendment? What where they raided for?
  4. umm they sold seeds to U.S. customers, not protected by the first amendment

    they weren't shut down for their forum (supposedly)
  5. If memory serves me, I think it had more to do with seed distribution than anything. I could be wrong. But, ipack is right, OG has been down for over a year.
  6. Ah, you beat me to it ipack. :)

    This forum is great. A lot of people from OG have found a home here at GC. Stick around and you will learn a lot.
  7. i was a lurker on that forum for the longest. there were some absolutely insane compact floro grows that i enjoyed
  8. I just went and read some articles on the raid. Overgrow was canadian, so 1st amend doesn't apply and I couldn't find any info on why they were shut down but it makes sense that they were selling seeds to US customers. What a shame, the forum was a fountain of knowledge. RIP
  9. GC is in no way affiliated with the distribution of illegal products is it? I know there are links to resources where seeds can be purchased. I ask because with OG gone, GC seems like a likely focal point for scrutiny.
  10. Grasscity does not sell/ship seeds to the US. So, there is no reason to be scrutinized. :)
  11. I guess I'm just a nervous guy. I run all of my browsing through an http tunnel to, hopefully, mask my browsing. In the real world, I've gotten real good at dropping off the radar; I haven't heard from a collect in over six months!

  12. Yep, as RMJL said they don't. We are here to stay:D

    BTW, welcome to the forums man:wave:
  13. How could they put Tommy CHong in jail for selling water-pipes over state lines.... Same thing with the shutdown of OG.......... America's War on Drugs.......

    I think the drugs have already won !!! Well done Bush !

    America is producing more marijuana now than ever before with % of users and growers going up about 10% every year.
    And with the introduction of the internet just boosted those numbers again.
    It's out done corn and wheat about 10 times over... in the amount that is grown.
    I think America would be better off coming to some sort of agreement or de-criminalisation for marijuana, as it's just getting bigger and bigger all over the world.
  14. Furthermore, the only increase in marijuana related crimes relative to the increase in the amount being produced is in the categories of possession and distribution of the plant itself. There is absolutely no evidence to show an increase in violent, malicious or petty crimes related to pot smoking. However, we tokers need to be careful. There are lots of numbers of vehicular crimes related to marijuana. Our only saving grace in that matter is that any good lawyer can illustrate the fact that there is no way to pinpoint the time of marijuana use and thus displacing any direct connection between it and the crime. However road-side sobriety tests can get you and driving while abilities impaired or DWAI's can get you or someone else killed or at least cost you a lot of money. This may be tangent, but it's a gripe of mine. We need to be responsible. Don't drink and drive and don't toke and drive. I don't care how seasoned a smoker you may think you are, you're abilities are impaired when you toke and you don't need to be behind the wheel. It is IMO, that aside from religious zealotism, the issue of governing marijuana and driving is a huge roadblock in the way of de-criminalization of marijuana.
  15. Mark was charged with
    " Conspiracy to Cultivate Marijuana" and:mad: "Heavens Stairway" :mad: and:mad: server:mad: were in Canada. The GC server is in the Dam' man they (The DEA) can't touch it there......:smoking:
  16. Perhaps the US government should be brought up on charges for "Conspiracy to Criminalize Innocent People" or perhaps "Misappropriation of US Tax Dollars" for spending money to fight an herbal remedy that harms no one and has been in use for hundreds of years.
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