overgrow.com growFAQ recovered from google cache

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by fker, May 21, 2006.

  1. Thanks to overgrow.com, google cache, marijuana.com, XML, and PHP I've recovered about 700 of the original overgrow.com growFAQ articles. Most pictures and links are intact, however anything linking to overgrow.com will not work.:smoking:

    In effort to keep great knowledge available, I bring you most of the overgrow.com growFAQ here. http://www.overgrowforum.com/modules.php?name=growfaq
    Use ctrl+f to search for keywords.

  2. Excellent work!
    The world needs more people like you!;)
  3. is ther anyway i can download the whole thing so i dont have to be connected to the internet to view it? i might even print and bind the thing.

    if we could download the whole thing it probs wouldnt never got lost too.
  4. Believe this was already done by another member . So now we have not one but two places with the same information.
  5. Nice... I need a compact air-cooled hood, but I cant see the bigger pictures on the website to try and build it... Any chance you have them? Or some other plans for building a small air-cooled hood? My growbox is a suitcase, so keeping it cool is a good idea, :)
  6. A packaged download... good idea! It should be about 50mb, I'll get it zipped and uploaded somewhere. Be back with an url shortly. oh, how would you print the whole thing without individually clicking on each link? :smoking:
  7. A downloadable version of the entire overgrow google cache has been available for a while, i found it annoying to use however because i didnt' have the actual faq page just each individul faq labled with a number.
  8. the fullsize pics were located on overgrow.com, sorry I dont have them :(
  9. Good work bro. I always thought overgrow HAD the best Faq around...r+ for your work...
  10. Oh well... i'll just use a cool-tube instead once i find this damned pyrex bake-a-round tube, lol. +rep
  11. :D yes, the cool tube will be nice! let me know where you find the pyrex tube.
  12. I've got mirror 2 up now, you can see it in my previous post. I've obtained some more html files that are missing from my faq download. Currently working on integrating them.
  13. I was wondering why this site didnt get shut like OG ?
  14. you might have noticed there are some broken links on the faq if you've downloaded it. I've fixed most of these, if not all, you can access them @ the online growFAQ http://overgrowforum.com/modules.php?name=growfaq

    if you find any more broken links, let me know plz.

    peace, and pot!:smoking:

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