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  1. I am on my second grow because my first one failed after a few months, but it was an awesome learning experience. My plants are around a month old and I had watered them with nutes for around 2 weeks and everything was fine. Around 4 days after the seconds time I fed them they looke dry, so I sprayed them with my water that was mixed with nutes. Now I have yellowing on the bottom leaves of one plant turned yellow and it seems like the growth is stunted.
    Will the yellow leaves green back up or just die n fall off?
    Is this normal?

    I did flush with distilled water
  2. For one, I dont believe in foliar feeding. You want your nutrients down in your soil, or whatever medium you are using, so that the roots can uptake all the micronutrients and whatnot that the plant thrives off of. The roots are little highways that all connect up to your stalk, which carries them out to the rest of your plant.

    I would first off suggest you stop trying to foliar feeding your plants with nutrient mixed water.

    Secondly, without pictures of your plant, I can't really answer your quesiton about why it is yellowing. Usually its either overfed, or deprived of nutrients. I'm not 100% educated on how the foliar system works, but I dont think that it adiquitly feeds your plant.

    Lastly, Usually leaves that have yellowed wont recover .... but as long as you stop the problem and it doesnt spread to the rest of your plant - your plant wont even notice the loss of a few leaves.
  3. as stated above there are certain foliage sprays you can use but i would stop that.
    and if the leaves are starting to yellow its most likely 1 of 2 things bottom leaves yellowing is very common for young plants. kinda like losing your baby teeth. second could be that the plant isnt getting nutes becuz you spraying the leaves.. the roots need nutes not the leaves =). and most of the time there is no need for a flush.
  4. Foliar feeding requires dramatically lesser amounts of nutes in the water bottle and it does not in anyway replace traditional watering. Cannabis is a nute sensitive plant...other then that its exceptionally hardy. You most likely burned them...why for myself I never do it. If I foliar feed its just ph balanced water and I might mist my plants now and then.

    Watering is easy dude....use the pick up method. Pick it up its heavy dont water, its light water. Ive used that forever now and its never failed. Dont go by how your plant looks go by that. If your plants look dry...meaning there drooping well you should of watered them yesterday and the pick up method would of told you that.
  5. Sorry guys I may not have typed that out correctly, I don't foliar feed unless I'm spraying just straight water to get the plant a little wet. When I use nutes/water I pour it into the soil. I made the mistake of foliar feeding on my last grow and wound up with brown spots on my leaves from burning.

    I was just hoping it may recover. I wont cut the yellow leaves off tho, I know if they need to come off they'll do it on their own. I've only been spraying heavy amounts of water on the leaves because my leaves curled up some and after I watered them (soil was very dry) they opened a little, so hoping it was just the dry air making them curl up
  6. Was also wondering if it matters that my plants are in half gallon buckets of seed starting soil

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