Overfeeding or disease?

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  1. I'm assuming these plants were burned by overfeeding. Only 1 of 3 have this damage, they've been treated with azamax as well for spider mites but I'm thinking this is a nutrient issue.

    These are the Super Skunk mothers that are in flowering (test run before bringing in the clones to fill the tent), they were planted in Soil King Big Rootz Soil and fed according to the feeding schedule from Fox Farms nutrients. Sat under 600w hps, temps mid to high 80s.

    Fox Farms nutrients were used but they have a discrepancy, some places they say 'teaspoon'...others they say 'tablespoon'. They've been fed the 'tablespoon' amounts, but only burned one of three plants. Well, the others had similar symptoms but not nearly as bad.

    At first it looked maybe like wind burn, until the leaves turned brown and crisp. What do you think? Don't laugh lol I know this plant is bad

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