Overdry buds?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Dane4487, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,

    Ive completed my first grow ever in hydro this past week and I think i blew it during drying. I dried the buds for 4 nights but when I checked on them they were VERY VERY dry and crumbley so i decided to jar them immediately. Ive realized that the closet gets cold during the night causing very low humidity, probably around 55 degrees. My question is, will they moisten up at all during curing? They are loose nugs that are dry and crumbley sort of, is this normal?
  2. Well curing allows for moisture that is on the insides of the bud to slowly migrate out, so the moisture gets evenly distributed. But if your bud is completely/super dry it won't get any wetter. I've known people to put things such as orange peels, lettuce, or bread, in the jar with the curing weed to increase moisture, just don't leave it in too long, and air it out every few hours, so it won't get moldy.
  3. Bread is known to retain moisture, that would probably work just fine. Open the jar every couple hours so you don't get mold.
  4. awesome, thanks for the help guys, i really think i messed this up but ill try each of those in a few jars
  5. If I wind up with buds that are too dry I put a few fresh clipped fan leaves in the jar. It moistens them up nicely. I would NOT use bread as it is an excellent carrier of mold spores.

    EDIT: An orange peel overnight works well if you don't have any fresh fan leaves.
  6. Couldnt you also put a drop a water in the jar. ? i did.

    Also they might feel EXTREMELY dry on the outside, but if they dried in 4 days, most likely their is still moisture deep inside. so put them in a jar check the next day, and they shouldnt be as dry, once you figure out how dry they are then you can add moisture the way u choose.
  7. I put some apple peels and some lime peels in some different jars.
    The Lime ones worked great and the bud seems alot more moist. The apple was a little too moist so i took them out, but the bud looks alot better so far.

    Ill keep you guys posted

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