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  1. So far throughout my life I haven't gotten into any hardcore drugs, up until this weekend I've only smoked weed and done 2 lines of coke.

    On friday, I went camping, I got high, drunk, did some coke, took a pink star and a molly capsule.

    Saturday, I had 2gs of shrooms, an LSD tab, got drunk and high again.

    Now that I did that, I'm fine, but I was severely fucked up and it was awesome.

    The real question is, I know you can't really OD on the amounts of drugs I did alone, but when combined is it possible to OD on those types of things?
  2. it's possible to od when you combine coke and heroin, or stimulants and downers, or benzos and alcohol.
  3. The drugs you did are nothing you gotta worry about ODing on, other than alcohol poisoning, but thats pretty hard to do unless you drink alot before being drunk really sets in.

    Like dude above said, heroin can kill you the easiest imo especially IV, because you don't know the potency of new bags you get unless you have someone else whose done em to tell you. You might be cool doing 2-3 bags, then you go to your dealer and he has new shit, no one u knows tried it, so not wanting to waste the rush you just assume there about the same since the dude is probably gettin em off the same supplier, and they turn out to be 2-3x as potent, so its like you just shot 4-9 bags, this is how m ost heroin addicts die.

    as far as mixtures, heroin/cocaine, opiates/benzo's (this ones really deadly, but it's also one of the best highs you'll ever feel imo, 2 of my friends have died from this, and i've also had to be recessitated from this combo cuz of what i said above, I got dope that was new, and it was fuckin strong), and alcohol/downer pills are the ones u gotta worry about.
  4. the coke + alcohol + x can be dangerous. as long as you keep low doses of them you will be fine but sometimes when you get really fucked up its hard to control what you do next so be careful.

    you cant od from acid or shrooms (well you could but basically impossible) or weed, obviously.

  5. haha i see your from East WA. Been through there before in the summer, it is hot as fuck!
    But @OP that was prolly the only "possible" combo you coulda oded on.
  6. Thank you very much.
  7. You can't OD on shrooms unless you eat a few O's, and you can't OD on LSD unless you had pure LSD and a SHIIIIIIIIIIIT ton.
    I'd be more worried about dehydration from the alcohol and the X. Then the next day you probably walked around while you were tripping.
  8. just watch out when you mix pills and alcohol usually. shit can get pretty rough.

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