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Overdose of THC from edibles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zombiefuhrer, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I know that it's impossible to overdose on THC by smoking marijuana (I've heard an average adult would need to smoke 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes to OD) But I was wondering if anyone knew the figures and if you could OD from edibles?

    Sorry if I this questions seems dumb but I was just wondering
  2. I mean possibly if you guzzled down LOTS hash oil, but it's basically impossible. You'll sleep before you could ingest enough
  3. i was just thinking this the other day. since edibles tend to be much more potent

    im thinking if one guzzled down a few bottles of tinctures somehow then that might be a trip to the hospital, but im pretty sure regardless of what kind of edible you will green out or throw up before anything crazy-unhealthy
  4. It's impossible. You'd have a heart attack from the fat used to absorb the THC in your edibles way, way before the THC would be able to hurt you. That's if you could even stay awake after being that intoxicated, or consume the amount of food required.
  5. yeah, u may be sleeping before u die, but then again it take like an hour for edibles to hit... so maybe if u guzzled a major hash tincture or something....

    i guess in theory is it possible? yes...

    probable? not really:smoke:
  6. the day someone overdosed on weed, it would snow in hell! If hell existed, that is. So therefore nobody can overdose on weed! :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  7. Your stomach is the size of your fist. You'll sooner die from a ruptured stomach from all the food being crammed down your throat than overdose on THC.
  8. i wanna be the first motherfucker to OD on THC

    on my grave stone itll read

    "here lies hideyochurren...

    he was the first mofucka to OD on marijuana."

  9. But isnt it so surprising when you eat shit thats way bigger than your fist?? At least i think so! shit baffles me
  10. ODing on marijuana is impossible. To OD on MJ would have to be done intentionally, if someone wanted to die they would not choose to OD... on weed! Only person that would think that is a stoner... and what stoner wants to die? :smoking: am I just high?
  11. Effects of consuming too much edible are: extreme dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Usually in that order.

  12. Well put lol
  13. no, you'd throw up and pass out
  14. Yea you would throw up first before being able to OD

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