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Overdose lastnight

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kimborasta, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. i bought some weed lastnight and i wanted to rid rest of my hash (about £4 worth)
    i was at home so i couldnt smoke em, i couldnt make space cakes so i just crumbled them into tee and downed it.
    when it kicked in i messed around a little bit but felt tired so i went to sleep. (yes. waste of hash i know... :()
    Something woke me up around 2 oclock in the morning. and it was followed by such an unpleasant feeling. i felt dry, (not just my mouth) and it felt like my head was about to burst. i lifted my head only to find my self spinning out to max.
    if i smoked it and this happened i would have been enjoying it, but because i suddenly woke up to find my self in this state, i was full of paranoia. i couldnt believe that it took this long to kick in.
    luckily tho, i fell a sleep quite fast.
    lol you should have seen the state of me next morning... i was a mong.

    (dont say thats a pussy amount. because it was a pretty good deal)
  2. It's not known if cannabis has an LD-50, it's only theoretical.

    It's also around 64,000 times the psychologically active dose.

    You didn't overdose, you just had the spins from too much hash.

    If it was Soapbar (which doesnt actually deserve being called hash), then it's no wonder why you felt sick.

    If it wasn't soapbar, then I dunno.

    Why didn't ya just go outside or to a friends and smoke it?

    Eating weed/hash can be much harder to measure than smoking it because it takes so long to kick in.
  3. LOL, this shit reminds me of Cheech and Chongs movie Up in Smoke, when they get stopped at the beginning by cops, and Chong gives Cheech all of his acid tabs, LOLOLOL, that shit was crazy!!!

    but damn, i wouldnt do that.....i really dont smoke hash.....i like buds..........
  4. haha ^^^

    "hehe ive never seen anybody eat that much acid in my life!"
    BLAH@! *makes best dinosuar monster face* BLAHHH!@
  5. You don't like hash because you haven't tried good hash yet. If I could obtain decent quality hash, i would smoke only that, because it costs alot less (not per gram, i guess, but per dose it most certainly does.)
  6. "i hope you're not busy for like...a month"
  7. Anybody here ever seen the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Depp? Thats is some crazy shit. This guy is taking a bottle of acid and sipping on that shit, not to mention he takes a mouthfull of coke, then he does the ultimate drug, he swallows an adrenaline gland, its the craziest movie i ever watched in my life.
  8. Johnny depp in blow....... ahhh so much coke and weed..... one of the best drug movies.....
  9. Are you kidding me? Overdose?

    People need to get educated, damn. How can you think you might have overdosed on weed?

  10. i think i know you cant OVERDOSE weed... when we say overdose around here... it means pushed over your limit.
    in another word... stoned off ye' tree

  11. You got your fear and loathing facts messed up. Only time he takes acid is in the begining when they are heading to Vegas. thats when Dr. Gonzo says "As your attorney, I advise you to drive at top speed. It'll be a goddamn miracle if we can get there before you turn into a wild animal."

    As far as coke... that's throughout the whole movie.

    But the only thing he sips on is adrenochrome. Then of course after seeing Dr. Gonza as Satan with titties on his back, he blacks out and wakes up days later in a flooded room and a dinosaur tail attached. I still want to know where that tail came from.

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