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  1. Hello everyone :wave:

    I'm looking to lower my temps a few degrees. Lights on runs 82-84* Fahrenheit (28-29* Celsius). My intake is in the same room in the basement that the exhaust exits to. The exhaust makes the room about 4* warmer. If I were to cut a hole in the wall and pull fresh air from another room would that lower the temps by 4* ? I say 4* Fahrenheit because that's the temperature difference, taken at floor level, approximately 12" (30cm) away on the other side of the wall. Here's my setup: 2x2x5.5' tent(60x60x165cm), ambient temps 74*(23*), Phresh filter->4"Vortex->duct->6"cooltube(250w hps)->duct out of tent. 6" and 4" fans inside for circulation. So my question is: Will that drop the temps a little bit?

    One more thing .. it's the runoff(soil) that's most important when checking pH right? So if last time, my pH was 6.15 coming out and about 6.7 going in then I would need to raise my pH going in to get it within acceptable range coming out?

    My runoff from soil should be 6.3-6.8? i know that's the proper range for soil, I just wanted to be sure it's the runoff that I should be most concerned with.

    Thank you all!
  2. Can't predict the exact temp diff like that, but in general intaking cooler air than you are now is moving in the right direction.

    As for pH, you got it exactly right -- measure runoff, adjust your input up or down to get the runoff in line.
  3. Thanks Toast. I would +rep you but it looks like I need to 'spread the love around' before repping you again LOL .. Thanks bud

  4. If you remove the exhaust from the room you intake air from then yes you can assume that the temps will drop a little

    Is there no way of getting that exhaust out of a window without cutting a hole in a wall?

    I don't know what type of basement you have but cutting a hole in a wall is way more work than using an existing window or "crawlspace" for example
  5. It's in an unfinished part of the basement. Walls are up and sheetrocked. No ceiling in the tent room. <--Tent room doubles as my man-cave, no windows in this room. The tent sits 4 inches from the wall I have to cut through so maybe it won't be too bad once the tent is out of the way. My Father-in-law likes to come over and tinker with the crawlspace so that's not really an option.

    Thanks for your help +rep
  6. I'm running fresh air in 4" and 6"exhaust straight outside! Via a carbon filter from Inside the grow room.
    Get the hot air straight out mate, it's the best way to keep temps down.
  7. It's all buttoned up! What a difference so far .. The fan isn't having to work as hard and the temps are staying at exactly what I have the VSC-DNE set on. While I was tinkering with all this, I discovered a gaping hole in the top back wall where the lamp cord comes in. Apparently I forgot to cinch those draw strings. That very well could have contributed to the higher temps since it was sucking fresh air from the top of the tent(near the exhaust, the hole was about 3" or 7.5cm). That was also a huge light leak. No light going in the tent during lights off since there's 4 corners the light has to turn to get in .. dark grey walls too.

    It's been twenty minutes since I last checked it, the fan hasn't sped up so I assume it's regulating the temp like I want it to .. I'll check it right now ..

    Holding steady at 80.6*(27*C) and the fan seems to be at about 65-70% of full power so I could probably drop it 2-3* more(Fahrenheit).

    Thanks again!! I knew yall would be able to help little ol' me.

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