Over watering problems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chilly, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hey blades,

    So - I left the house for 4 days and left my plants in the good hands of two housemates... However they have both been watering my babies :rolleyes:

    Three of my plants are fine, however the forth, smallest one is looking less than happy. I came to it today and most of its big branches have fallen off, and everything on the stem is having a good sag. They are grown in soil btw

    I should let you know now - the plant pot (stupidly) doesnt have drainage. The others did, which im guessin is why they are fine.

    So in a panic, I transplanted her into a pot with drainage - there was alot of root damage in the process, but at least she isnt sitting in 4 inchs of water anymore.

    My plants have been in flower for a month now... Do you think she'll recover? Can roots grow back well in flowering? I dont have room to move her out of the flower space!

    Last time I go on holiday until its all automated I can tell you ;-) But then I should never have used a plant pot with no drainage... :(

    Any adive is much apreicated!
  2. No ideas?
  3. you did the right thing to transplanrt:). your plant was drowning! it will cost you time to re-root, 2 weeks?
  4. few!!!! Thanks man - Ive actually been refreshing this every 10mins incase someone posted....

    I can handle more time, I just couldnt hand a dead plant!!! Im so glad I did the right thing though - it was a proper panic point!!!! 2 weeks or even a month isnt bad tbh - it means my smoking habit can be a little more spaced out :) hehehehe

    every cloud has a silver lining I suppose...

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