Over-watered plants have root rot

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  1. A friend has made the most common noob mistake and over-watered. Turns out July was also the hottest month in the entire recorded history of the inter-continental U.S.!!!

    Sounds like pythium to me...

    It appears to me that his smaller plants have root rot, and I do not have personal experience correcting the rot in soil before.

    Has anybody had actual experience with successfully bringing a plant back in soil?

    Here's what I told him to do:

    1. Water with lots of H2O2, Roots Excelurator, and Super Thrive. My thoughts here were to deliver a high dose of oxygen (H2O2) to O2-starved roots, kill off bad bacteria (H2O2), stimulate new root growth (RE), and help reduce stress (ST).

    2. Then I told him to brew a compost tea, add Cannazyme and Roots Excelurator after brewing, and water with that. My idea here was to replace the good bacteria (with compost tea) before the bad had a chance to come back, get rid of decaying roots (Cannazyme) to prevent reoccurence, and continue stimulating root growth (RE) to help keep plant healthy.

    3. Stop over-watering! I told him how to check the pots. :hello:

    Is this a good plan for soil? He's in Sun #4 and FF Ocean Forest.
  2. You may have misread my post friend... I do have experience with pythium, just not in soil. I have successfully killed pythium using bleach, compost tea, physan 20, Pythoff, etc.

    (I haven't had root rot for years though)

    I have also used Great White in the past, however compost tea has a far larger population and diversity of microbes when brewed correctly. Why would you send a platoon to fight an army??? (and pay extra in the process)

    Have you successfully corrected root rot (in soil) in the final stages? If so, please feel free to share!

  3. ...man, I would just let the soil dry out really well (like, slight droop to foilage dry) between each watering...and hopefully it clears up...good luck bro.
  4. Well for those who might run into this problem one day, this solution in my first post worked. No more losses and all leaves are standing up again. Some leaves dropped, but remaining leaves are greening up again, and new growth is back on track.

    For those who recommended letting pots dry up... he did try that, but plants weren't uptaking water anymore and buckets stayed super heavy for over a week. Meanwhile plants were dying. He didn't have the money to transplant (which probably would have worked too), so we went with my idea above.

    I love experiments! At least when they work... :hello:

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