Over-Watered/nuted In Flower, Wait Or Flush?

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  1. Hi GC,

    I am exactly 1 week into flowering and after researching for a bit, I believe I have over-watered/over-nuted my girls. They are in 5gal pots and I gave them 3 pints of full strength water twice in 24hrs.

    The leaves on one of them is cupping (downwards) and the shoots are limp. She also has burnt leaf tips. Also a leaf or 2 has fallen off. She looks pretty sad. The other 2 girls are about 1.5 ft taller and are experiencing the same thing, along with droopy leaves. The soil is moist up to my first knuckle. My humidity bounces from low 70s to high 60s, which is what i believe contributed the most to the overwatering (high Humidity = slower transpiration, thus causing the wilting) I have a small dehumidifier I just put in there to help pull some moisture out of the pots.

    All the leaves on my girls are green and lush, minus some tips. Do you guys think they will bounce back and flower just fine?

    Should I let them dry out and then water with plain tap? OR .. Flush now with tap??

    Please help!


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  2. Heres some better pictures...

    I've decided to let the soil dry out for about 48 hours or until its dry up to my first knuckle. Then apply plain

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1408771854.748438.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1408771864.843762.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1408771877.331727.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1408771886.985085.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1408771899.729094.jpg

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  3. Think the root mass is 1 knuckle deep? What if the bottom half of your planter retains way better than the top and you just keep her soaked? Go by feel or how heavy the pot is not, should be roughly 1 tenth the weight of a fresh watered plant. 1 knuckle deep may work on your high school girl friend but not here on these ladies =)
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    Thank you.
    How detrimental is this over watering? Should I be ok?

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  5. Extremely detrimental. Let her dry out until the total weight feels considerably less and you should notice a difference in her behavior by then.
  6. Im pretty sure this is more than overwatering...looks like burn too

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  7. Oh yeah theres a bit of nute burn. OP, you can tell by the 'burnt' tips.
  8. The "nute burn" is minor compaired to the over water. The tiny bit of burn coulda been worked out by the plant, the over watering can not.
  9. Oh yeah, was just letting him know how he could tell.
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    Thanks alot guys. The pots feel pretty heavy at least 10 pounds. They havent been watered in over 72 hours and the soil is still moist almost 2
    Inches deep. I can see small pistils starting to form.

    I am aware of the nute burn. Only the tips few leaves here and there on each plant. These phenos (mk ultra, underdawg og, & critical hog) all finish relatively quick, around 60 days so I'm getting close to the home stretch.

    Thanks again

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  11. Well from what im seeing is your very close to a nitrogen toxicity... early stages but that shit can mess up your flowering cycle bad.

    Just my opinion. If you want to dry your pot out a bit quicker stick the bucket on a heat mat on a low setting
  12. I overwatered and now I have a spiderweb looking fungus on the drain holes of my pot. Is that something that can be taken care of?

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  13. The plant is 2 weeks into flower and looks amazing. Robust leaves, nice color, perky, just worried that the fungus will spread. Idk what it is. Looks kinda like the white fuzzy stuff that grows on orange peels

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