over under watering?

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  1. ok she's about 4weeks old in a waterfarm hydro system....she is waterd 24/7 with just expanded clay.... under 250watt MH and she is drooping/wilting...is she being watering to much or to little? btw the roots have growin down to the resivor does this mater or not?
  2. come on now anyone?
  3. You water it 24/7, what?

    Dropping is mainly caused my over watering but can also be caused by not enough light...
  4. yes its watered24/7 (all day everyday) but this is what was instructed to do by the hydro store guy
  5. i dont think theres any way possible your root system is not rotted out by now.... You supposed to water it only when needed, like once every 3 days...
  6. Recently, I don't think I have read a single post on here were the dude working at the hydro store actually gave good growing advice.
  7. waterfarms are hydro systems right? .... so the roots are in water 24/7 right? .... so they're watered 24/7 right?

    You have the air pump going? .... are you maintaining the proper water level? ... what is your nute level in there? ... if i remember correctly, it should be between 600 and 900ppm

    have you visited the hydro forum?
  8. yes waterfarm is hydro yes pump is running ...water got a tad bit low for a day or two and the nute level is what it says on the bottle(s) ...what hydo forum?
  9. Oh shit, didn't realise it was hydro...
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  11. HIGH All, ^^^^^

    Are the plants in WR? Your watering 24/7 and the roots are Also in the solution? Sounds like your drowing them...if roots are in the water(solution) I wouldn't have it on 24/7..try cutting it down a bit...like maybe on for half that time and see if they perk up.
  12. try here ... Advanced Growing Techniques

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