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  1. Looking for a solid pair of over the ear headphones, price range $100-$200


    Great bass, this is a must
    Size (not too big not too small, regular size not trying to look like deadmau5)
    Wireless would be tight, UNLESS it drains the battery in like an hour

    Portable doesnt really matter, mostly gonna use em at home

    And none of that Beats by dre shit
  2. Used to sell headphones at one point...

    I would recommend any of the Bose series. Great range, very comfortable. Marketed toward old people, yes, but reliable with a good warranty.

    Otherwise, other good brands to look for would be Sennheiser, Sony, Koss, Monster (hate all you want, they make good shit).

    Blue tooth is getting popular, but I like the good ol fashion wire.

    Sennheiser - Professional Monitoring Over-the-Ear Headphones - HD380PRO

    Hope I helped a bit.
  3. good move on staying away from those beats headphones, they are super overpriced for what they are. I would recommend bose or senheisser or w/e its spelt. I got the bose QC15's and yeah they are expensive but they are soo comfortable i can wear them for hours. also the bass is great as well as the mids and highs too. I spent a lot of time researching headphones and listened to a lot of different ones before i bought them
  4. I picked up a pair of ath-m30s and they have a great sound, very balanced and warm. they were like 40 bucks
  5. I got the Technics, holy fuck they're insane. The bass is too good
  6. ^nice....i was gonna say Sennheiser
  7. Don't listen to this guy. Bose makes some of the worst headphones in terms of audio quality. I'd go with Sennheiser, Audio-technica, v-moda, or Klipsch.
  8. Yeah i had a pair of bose years ago that cost more than these Technics and were fuckin terrible lololol
  9. Got me a pair of Sony xb500's the bass on those are very nice. Loud and thumpy but deep. cost me 70 bucks . 120 retail.

    Gonna check out those technicas
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    Agreed. I can speak from personal experience that Audio Technica and Sennheiser are the most reliable both in build quality and honoring warranties. Not to mention that they just straight up sound superior to Bose headphones within the same price range.

    For your price range I would go with Sennheisers 558's


    Or if you're feeling cheaper go with Audio Technica's AD700's


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